Chainsaw Man Jewelry Costs Over $24K

Chainsaw Man Jewelry Costs Over $24K

Tasaki will sell Chainsaw Man-themed jewelry for about $1,374.65. Prices start from around 187,000 JPY, which is approximately $1,374.65. Despite the fact that the items do appear on the Tasaki website, you will only be able to purchase them from the physical pop-up stores across Japan on June 29. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

When it comes to Tasaki''s Chainsaw Man jewelry, there is a one-off limit of one per customer. Outside of general teeth- and chainsaw-looking items, there is a necklace that appeals like Pochita. There is also a necklace that draws inspiration from Power, with the same bangs and horns.

  • Chainsaw Man gold pendant (902,000 JPY)
  • Chainsaw Man white gold diamond solo pendant (1,056,000 JPY)
  • Chainsaw Man white gold diamond pendant (3,300,000 JPY)
  • Chainsaw Man pendant & ear cuff (198,000 JPY)
  • Pochita yellow gold pendant (308,000 JPY)
  • Pochita silver pearl pendant (187,000 JPY)
  • Power yellow gold necklace (319,000 JPY)

This is a collaboration with Danger, which Tasaki offers. A lot of Tasaki''s items include fang or claw imagery. A lot of Tasaki''s Danger jewelry will include actors and characters from the anime and manga series.

The Tasaki Chainsaw Man jewelry will be available on pop-up stores starting on June 29, 2022. Chainsaw Man will be released on Crunchyroll in 2022, and the second part of the manga will begin in Summer 2022.

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