Watch this Unreal Engine 5 video and tell us that you're not desperate for Bloodborne2

Watch this Unreal Engine 5 video and tell us that you're not desperate for Bloodborne2

If youre like us, the notion of Bloodborne 2 has us contemplating what a hypothetical sequel to the fantastic gothic action game would look like. What dark areas of the world would we explore? What horrors would await us there. A newly released Unreal Engine 5 montage aims to further explore the notion.

This video combines a variety of Unreal Engine 5 projects from a wide network of talented designers, all of which lean into that dark tone that makes Bloodborne the popular game it is today.

The video, which is often jarring as different artists merge into each other, suggests a possibility for a Bloodborne 2 in the engine. Some of the projects highlighted simply feel like you could drop a hunter with a saw on the back.

Some are not entirely convinced on the merits of this video. One of the most liked comments from djbeema says it''s impressive work, but everything is quite nice and clean, and it lacks any of the atmosphere of Bloodborne''s locations. That criticism is correct, however, - you cannot splice together different projects and expect to achieve the same tonal consistency the company at From Software is so good at establishing.

That being said, you cant see this fanmade trailer and not see the appeal. If nothing else, it acts as further evidence of the gaming world''s desire for more Bloodborne. Let us know what you think of the trailer below, and whether Unreal Engine 5 is a good fit for a hypothetical sequel.

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