TrashCubes: Raft Recycler Guide

TrashCubes: Raft Recycler Guide

The Recycler is a new technology introduced in Raft''s 1.0 version that helps you well recycle things. Which is more exciting than it sounds. Along with the Recycler being a handy way to clear out junk items, you may use Trash Cubes at the Trading Post.

What are the chances that Raft will have the Recycler?

How do you get the Recycler in Raft?

You need to build the Recycler first, and for that, you need a blueprint. Travel to the Radio Tower, the first major location from early in the game, and the same place you find Tala, and climb up to the top of the tower to get the blueprint.

Then, you must complete the design at a research table. After the first step, you only need to complete the process once. You may also skip straight to building new Recyclers.

Recyclers must:

6 Plastic 4 Metal Ingot 2 Bolt 1 Circuit Board

  • 6 Plastic
  • 4 Metal Ingot
  • 2 Bolt
  • 1 Circuit Board

In Raft, what are you getting trash Cubes?

How do you get Trash Cubes in Raft?

Once you have created the machine, plunk it down wherever you want it, and begin feeding it whatever you dont want to keep around anymore. So, don''t waste on grabbing the stones, grass, and other items you might normally consider useless while youre out and about. So far, it seems like the only item the Recycler will refuse is food.

To get the Recycler up and running every time, you also need a battery charge.

The Recycler can process a Trash Cube from the junk food you just fed it, but once you collect it, you may begin the process again. For the new Trading Post, you may exchange these for rare and useful items.

Titanium isn''t one of them, so make sure you''re after Titanium Ore more. While you''re out collecting materials, sharks are a permanent danger on the water, but with the proper planning, you''ll be able to distract and dispatch them with relative ease.

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