Hyenas, a zero-G shooter, is announced by Alien: Isolation officials about fleeing merch and swag from the poor

Hyenas, a zero-G shooter, is announced by Alien: Isolation officials about fleeing merch and swag fr

The Total War studio has announced that it is developing a new multiplayer shooter called Hyenas, which is going back to the imagination of shooters.

This project has been in development since 2018, and Creative Assembly has occasionally teased it. However, it has now been officially announced.

Hyenas is a three-player heist game in which you fight with four other teams to steal pop culture memorabilia. It may be beneficial to know that all of the billionaires have left Earth for Mars.

Grace to the zero-G technology that they used for their ships, they destroyed Earth. Today, the burned, drifting slums are now known the Taint, and the billionaires are looting it for swag from the past, storing it in mall-like Plunderships.

On said Plunderships, all of the heists in Hyenas are held in space, surrounded by sandbox environments with nostalgic charm. These ships are packed with traps, alarms, and AI adversaries who are defending it. Each Plundership requires more than just shooting skills, as you''re able to exploit their complex designs against the other teams.

It''s all in zero-G, so you''ll be able to select your character from a cast of ambiguities, which we''ll get to see in the trailer.

Creative Assembly is hoping that Hyenas will be to multiplayer shooters what Alien: Isolation was to horror games. Despite the growing danger of these days, the developer is aware of the growing dangers of launching a multiplayer shooter, and it is requesting that players involved as early as possible.

Since then, it is making alpha signings available right now. Anyone 18+ may sign up, but you''ll also need to sign an NDA. The closed alpha is only available on PC, and only initially in North America and Europe. It may also expand to platforms and regions down the line.

In 2023, Hyenas will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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