What's better: air control, or an AI-controlled person just running about to assist me fight?

What's better: air control, or an AI-controlled person just running about to assist me fight?

Last time, you decided that undo is better than invert mouse. This result will turn the world on its head. Perhaps we can hit undo this week to stay healthy. There''s nothing better: air control, or an AI-controlled friend just running about me?

"Every body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line," says Isaac Newton''s first motion, "sauf if it is compelled to change that state by strong force," he adds. I''d like to say that one such force might be the sheer force of will.

I have been playing Neon White lately, but I am pleased with the near-terrifying degree of control I have over my movement and momentum while in the air. Our boy can move forward, back, side-to-side, and stop at will, doing obstacles and getting faster routes in the speedrunning FPS. Finally, Quake, and Destiny, and... I''ve admired strong air control in many first-person shooters, another avenue to learn and demonstrate skill, and another challenge to overcome from players who understand the

Why should we accept restrictions upon our movement by someone who once went temporarily blind from staring at the sun? We can imagine a better world.

In several games, the vast allied force on a battlefield is completely under my control. In some games, the warriors are all in my party following my commands. And in some games, some AI-controlled guys are just running about mindlessly helping me fight. I''m sorry you''re so helpful!

I will do my best to keep ''civilians'' alive in any game, and I''m pleasantly surprised when a game is made up of ''civilians'' who are mostly doing their own things but will, when a fight starts, join in. It''s a delicate balance: both players make a game feel normal, and they become notorious adversaries. I like that awkwardness in games.

Ha ha, you idiot, you don''t know how to use a rifle, who provided you with a pistol? I''ll follow you and try to keep you safe.

I''m all impressed by AI-controlled friends who are doing their work to assist me fight. You''re useless and I love you. Some of my favourite FPS movement provides decent air control, although some games feature somewhat unusual air control that just fails to feel right, and its presence is a net negative for me. I think air control would be awful without it, thus yeah, air control.

Pick your winner, vote below, and make your case in the comments, and we''ll hear from you next week to see what we''ll be proud of.

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