Fortnite will have more Naruto skins this week

Fortnite will have more Naruto skins this week

Gaara and more join the battle royale

This week, it brings together even more characters. This Thursday, four additional characters from the manga and anime series are coming to the Item Shop.

Both Itachi Uchiha and Orochimaru have a tense presence on the field, while Gaara is the rival-turned-ally of the group. Hinata, a Hyuga clan Shinobi, is also joining the cast, particularly Naruto.

Add these to the already included characters in the ninja-themed series, such as Sasuke and the titular shinobi.

As part of this Rivals drop, there are also packs, packing together some of the characters, cosmetics, and some loading screens. The entire breakdown here.

Return to the village

The gates to the Hidden Leaf Village Map will be open from 8 p.m. ET on June 7, while the adventure area will feature many sites to explore, as well as quests to complete and unlock additional areas. Nindo Community Challenges are also returning, oepning up today to earn some cosmetic rewards.

Im not the greatestfan, but they certainly do little for me. But if I may still make a humble request, Rock Lee must be in the picture.

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