The Xbox documentary just received an Emmy: You can watch it all now for free

The Xbox documentary just received an Emmy: You can watch it all now for free

Its all below

There is a six-episode Xbox documentary out there that covers the console line from the germination of the brand, through the success of, into the red ring of death, in the sense that its officially sanctioned (thus provided complete access to current and former Xbox team members and archive footage), but does not hold back.

The Power On Xbox Documentary''s most revealing highlights include:

  • How scrappy the team was in terms of getting the idea off the ground, and the many barriers to entry that almost stopped the project cold
  • The larger-than-life personality of Bill Gates, and how easily he could have sunk the project (or any project or team member with his infamous temper) at any given time
  • The major development issues that faced from creation through launch (like framerate issues and character model glitches)
  • Tradeshow snafus like the infamous demo unit Xbox never turned on while on stage incident
  • The Xbox 360 red ring of death (an entire episode is dedicated to this insanity)
  • Microsofts failed pitch for the Xbox One

The film, which premieres through six episodes (with my own short recaps below in parenthesis), offers a fascinating look at the Xbox brand, with clear editing and a slew of enthusiastic industry guests. Although the intended scope of the conclusion is that Microsoft ended up spending a billion dollars on it for consumers, and made it out the winner in the final. That victory is short-lived, however, as it leads directly into the disastrous Xbox One conference. Drama!

Every episode is filled with some knowledge that I had never heard of before, directly from the source. The first episode, however, reintroduced the original Xbox, which I had won a copy of via a Taco Bell contest. I remember the skepticism in the gaming industry and my friends, but the rest was history. It actually just received a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Single Camera Editing, adding another accolade to the production teams repertoire.

You may see every episode below on YouTube, or visit this page for further options (like IMDB TV, the Roku Channel, or Redbox).

Chapter 1: The Renegades (how the Xbox project began, in part due to a bid to stop Sony from taking over the home entertainment business)

The Valentines Day Massacre in Chapter 2 (problems putting the pitch off the ground at Microsoft internally)

Chapter 3: And It Didnt Turn on (fighting to gain ground in a new business, plus issues showing the Xbox during tradeshows pre-launch)

What is Chapter 4 of CoolNow (The Rise of Leading into the Xbox 360)

Chapter 5: The Red Ring of Death (The major issue of the red ring, plus the arrival of and the launch of the Kinect)

Chapter 6 of TVOr Not TV (dealing with the Xbox One media console marketing dilemma)

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