Michael Rosen's First Graphic Novel Is The Very First Look

Michael Rosen's First Graphic Novel Is The Very First Look

Michael Rosen is a British children''s writer, poet, presenter, political journalist, and activist, who has written 140 books and previously written a graphic novel. He has now written 140 short books, including Red Ted and The Lost Things, and Send for a Superhero, but now Michael Rosen and artist Cole Henley have collaborated to adapt Michael''s 2005 children novel You''re Thinking About Tomatoes, which chronicles the story of a young boy who was inspired by a painting and a revived

The graphic novel will be on sale a little before it launches at the University of Brighton''s free ticketed Graphic Brighton event on Saturday, the 28th of May, and will then be signed by Rosen and Henley for a Q&A. Both will then then purchase the first 50 copies of the book, which will be available for purchase later in the summer.

Former Comics Laureates Hannah Berry are discussing The Rez, Bob Molesworth (Star Wars Lego), Richy K. Chandler (Eco Kids Planet Magazine / Wallace & Gromit), Zoom Rockman (The Beano), Jaime Huxtable (G Bear and Jammo), Zara Slattery (Tomboy), Sally Kindberg (The Comic Strip History of the World) and Woodrow Phoenix (Donny Digits).

Dona Pursall (University of Ghent) will talk about her research on Censorship in Children''s Comics, and former Bleeding Cool contributor Chris Thompson and Will O''Mullane from charity Comic Books for Kids UK will talk about initiatives to bring comics into hospitals and other medical facilities to assist and entertain children.

In 1974, Rosen published his first poetry for children, Mind Your Own Business, which was praised by Morag Styles as "one of the most significant figures in contemporary children''s poetry." He is also one of the first poets to "draw closely on his own childhood experiences and "tell it as it was," according to the publisher. His picture book We''re Going on a Bear Hunt, with Helen Oxenburyis still his greatest-known work.

Tomatoes the Graphic Novel will be published by Unbound in Summer 2022. For more information, see the publisher''s original crowdfunding campaign here.

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