On July 13, Rune Factory 5 will be available on PC

On July 13, Rune Factory 5 will be available on PC

Add some Steam to the factory

Fantasy farmers will have a different method to mingle and mine insoon. Today, XSEED and Marvelous confirm that they are getting a PC port on July 13.

The latest issue in theseries has been announced earlier this year as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The Steam version is expected to be a similar offer. Its $59.99 for the standard edition (though its currently on a 15% discount) or $69.99 for the Digital Deluxe, which includes themarriage candidates outfit set. A pre-order also includes two cosmetic outfits as well as a new Ranger Care Package of items in-game.

Farming up a storm

If youre new to the game, it runs in a similar vein toand. The major difference is that it requires more emphasis on combat and exploration of dungeons than the actual cultivation.

Different depending on what you want, that may be positive or negative. In our review of the Switch launch, considers to be playing the hits while not necessarily winning over new hearts because to falling into familiar hazards. At times, things can become repetitive and basic.

What a PC port might offer is a performance boost, which some might welcome. All in all, I was a big fan of it, but I was completely free from the next entry after hearing some early impressions. Im hopeful the Steam version will give it some of an boost to keep it on my radar.

Steam reaches PC on July 13, 2022.

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