The Life sim Potion Permit establishes a fall release date

The Life sim Potion Permit establishes a fall release date

Saving Moonbury one potion at a time

The day Ill be sick of life simulators will be the day that I die, which is why im so thrilled to see another great game in the series get a release date. is an adorable little life sim, and if you haven''t seen it yet, youre in for a treat (you can also play the PC demo right now, by the way way). The game is set in the small town of Moonbury, where an illness has spread. The player is tasked with forming the cure for the

Let''s be honest, all of these games have a super simple art style, but I must say that it has one of my favorite features from a game like this in a long time. Plus, everything looks super polished, which is a huge plus going in. From the trailer, I can already get the feeling that we will not be interested in getting involved in our playtimes.

Attention Chemists! @PotionPermit will be available for the 22nd of September!

???Brew Potions Care for the Town of Moonbury?

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PQube (@PQubeGames) June 22, 2022

Out of diagnosing patients, finding ingredients for potions, and of course healing them, players can acquire access to over thirty of the towns residents, fight off fearsome creatures, and improve the area. Although there are some RPG elements, we haven''t found a good understanding of these issues yet.

Of all that is to offer, I think we are most likely to get excited for all of the NPCs in the game. That''s just around the amount of NPCs you can give gifts to in the game, and I dont want to play the comparison game too much here, but that always felt around just the right amount to me. I already have a nPC or two that I have already taken my eyes on.

On September 22, 2022, tickets will be available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam.

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