The third and final episodes ofPokemon: Hisuian Snow will be released tomorrow, June 22, at 6 a.m.PT

The third and final episodes ofPokemon: Hisuian Snow will be released tomorrow, June 22, at 6 a.m.PT

The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon: Hisuian Snow. Read on below to learn more.

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Premieres of the season on June 22, 2022 62222Pokemon LEGENDS

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BELLEVUE, Wash. April 26, 2022 The Pokemon Company International has released details today about an animated series that will take fans on a new adventure in the ancient Hisui region of the Pokemon world. The site, which was initially developed during a Pokemon Presents on Pokemon Day 2022, is expected to premiere on May 18, 2022, exclusively on the official YouTube channelandPokemon TV.

The Hisui region was initially explored in the video game and depicts the Sinnoh region of oldbefore the existence of Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon Leagues. Pokemon: Hisuian Snow is a story that takes place on a boat bound for the Hisui region for the first time. Over the span of three episodes, Alec will discuss Alecs'' stories.

In anticipation of the premiere, viewers will meet Hisuian Pokemon and other new characters in this limited web series. The Pokemon Company International has revealed initial details of key characters and Pokemon.

Alec is heading to the Hisui area in search of medicinal herbs. He is a mild-mannered young man who is preparing to become a doctor. As a child, he once followed his father on a visit to the Hisui region. He had an adventurous and mischievous attitude when he was young.

Alecs'' father is a woodworker. He originally lived in a different area but recently relocated to the Hisui area to purchase materials. After a certain incident, he came to fear Pokemon.

The Spiteful Fox Pokemon who lives in the Hisui region. It''s claimed that the lingering spirits of Zorua who were chastised out of their homeland and died have returned to life in this form, fueled by their displeasure to humans and Pokemon.

Pokemon: Hisuian Snow is being produced by The Pokemon Company International in collaboration with WIT STUDIO, and episodes will air on the officialPokemon YouTube channel andPokemon TV. Please look forward to seeing additional episodes released shortly following the episode''s premiere.

Follow @Pokemon on social media, subscribe to the officialPokemon YouTube channel, and visitingPokemon TVin anticipation of the launch of the series.

Taku Kishimoto''s author: Yamamoto is a Japanese singer. Ayaka Nakamura (WIT STUDIO) artist: Yuuji Kaneko (AOSYASIN) photographer: Takeru Yokoi (Mishima Editing Room) Sound Director: Masafumi Mima Music: Conisch Animation: WIT STUDIO

Can humans and Pokemon really bond? In the sixth episode of #PokemonHisuianSnow, it will air 6/22!

Catch up with the most recent episode, where Alec reminisced on his growing friendship with Hisuian Zorua:

Pokemon (@Pokemon) June 16, 2022

This Hisuian Zorua is easily spooked!

Pokemon (@Pokemon) January 11, 2022

Hisuian Zorua is such a good

Pokemon (@Pokemon) July 8, 2022

Alec and Hisuian Zorua gather to climb back up after falling off a steep cliff. Despite Alec''s return with a Pokemon in tow, he''s slammed by his father''s reaction!

In #PokemonHisuianSnow Episode 2, you can see new discoveries meet old expectations!

Pokemon (@Pokemon) June 8, 2022

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