Any Chance of a Sequel in Resident Evil Star

Any Chance of a Sequel in Resident Evil Star

The concept of relaunch of the video game game franchise was largely divisive with fans. On the one hand, a large audience didn''t connect with the first film saga until the end; on the other hand, people felt like the franchise wasn''t ready to return so quickly. However, the necessary reboot just barely managed to fall behind a $25 million budget.

As part of season 3, Albert Wesker actor Tom Hopper discussed his development with the studio, explaining, "What I know is that it was very successful in terms of on-demand [with both sales and rentals], a lot of people sat at home and watched it, so I think they''re extremely happy with Constantin and Sony, with all of those who oversee the show."

"I certainly hope to go back and play Albert Wesker again," Hopper tells the public, "in a possible sequel."

Consider you that Sony might be interested in putting the horror film to the test if there''s still an interest from the creative team that brought the film to the theater, the actors portraying the characters, and (potentially) the studio?

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