Jason Blum Discusses Elm Street Nightmare with Robert Englund

Jason Blum Discusses Elm Street Nightmare with Robert Englund

We''ve seen the famous slasher revivals of properties, like,, and hopefully one day Wes Craven''s iconic 80''s horror title,. Although there have been discussions about the rights and rumors about series, films, and more, we''ve yet to obtain anything concrete enough to truly satisfy Freddy Krueger''s love in over a decade. Despite this, we''d have a second great horror gift as far as we know.

After Blum''s recent sequel, he explained his own desire, followed by some unquestionable confidence. Blum advises the publication, "I might make him come back" in reference to reenlisting Robert Englund, who was also 87, and said, "I could get anyone back. I mean, Ellen Burstyn was 87; I got her back in [the upcoming sequel to]." The avid-horror producer and mastermind acknowledged his age in response,

There''s no doubt that Blumhouse is thriving in tackling horror franchise designs like or stand-alone horror stories. It''s also a fantastic opportunity to witness the nostalgia of horror enthusiasts of all ages.

Blum might have his work cut out for him due to Englund, who loves Freddy. In 2020, Englund had seemingly agreed to say, "I''m not gonna lose any sleep about being Freddy anymore because I''m just too old for the part." I couldn''t do the stunts before and I''m just getting older now. I''m simply needing to invest in all of the latest technology to really speed up the nightmare sequences."

Does anyone else feel like there''s a lot to do with Blum''s confidence and Englund''s uncanny love for Freddy?

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