Joseph Morgan, star of Titans Season 4, has revealed more brother blood details

Joseph Morgan, star of Titans Season 4, has revealed more brother blood details

After yesterday''s Instagram post from HBO Max''s Season 4 director confirmed filming on part two of the season, Joseph Morgan (Sebastian Sanger/Brother Blood) performed one of the "little things" that we love-to-be. Here''s a peek at Sebastian, who has also been spotted with his wife.

Has Morgan Discovered the "True Essence" of the Character? "I believe he hasn''t become all he can be yet. He hasn''t had the chance until now."

What Is Morgan''s Helping Me in Learning the Character More? "All of that, including music and working the scenes at home alone or with my wife [Persia], she has incredible ideas on scenes and character. It was the same on ''The Originals,'' we ran all my lines together."

What is Morgan''s perception or perception before embarking on a role? "Emotional conflict and complexity. An arc or journey that changes the character. So where he starts, who he is when he meets him, is not where he begins up. He is actively engaged in changing things in his world to grow, for better or worse."

"I''m not sure if Season 4 of Season 4 will be enough for Sebastian to Embrace Brother Blood," the author says. There are still three scripts I haven''t read.

"I put it in ep 1 & 2. If you''re sharp, you might get a look."

Sebastian Sanger once said, "I''m not anyone."

Is Sebastian Sanger''s First Sentence? "You''ve already seen it."

Morgan''s Been Getting to Know the Cast: "I''ve shot with everybody."

"The clue is in the name," says Case Anyone''s Wondering If There Will Be Blood.

Is there any special Sebastian jewelry? "He has a watch, but he loses it at a certain point."

Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Nightwing), Anna Diop (Koriand''s / Raven), Teagan Croft(Garfield "Gar" Logan / Beast Boy),Minka Kelly (Dawn Granger / Dove), Alan Ritchson (Dawn Granger / Dove), Conor Leslie (Donna Troy / Wonder Girl), Joshua Orpin (Conner aka Superboy), Jay Lycurgo (T

Morgan will be joined by Lisa Ambalavanar () and Franka Potente () and who they''re playing gives a clearer explanation of the direction the series will be going in for the fourth go-around. Morgan''s Sebastian Sanger aka Brother Blood is an introverted man with strong intelligence and a hidden, darker nature. Potente''s May Bennett aka Mother Mayhem is a natural leader who always bears the danger of violence with her. Ambalavanar is a self-driving scientist

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