ABLAZE will be releasing the Fight Class and Witch of Mine Webtoons series

ABLAZE will be releasing the Fight Class and Witch of Mine Webtoons series

The eclectic publisher, ABLAZE, is expanding its webtoon and manhwa graphic novel line, with the addition of which mixes high school life with martial arts fighting action and will appeal to ABLAZE''s manhwa fans, as well as a heartbreaking fantasy romance tale.These titles will be published in the first quarter of 2023.

Lee Hak, Vol. 1, has released.

Ji-tae, a short, weak freshman who performs exactly like a typical athlete, is encouraged to take part in the Fight Class 3 class from Nam-il High School in Brazil. Maria, a talented martial arts teacher, learns how to maneuver her legs while fighting to achieve his goals. After many fights with Maria and his other classmates, Ji-tae begins searching for his father with Maria.

Vol. 1, written by Haeyoon, illustrated by MAS

In these times, if you''re too good or bad at something or simply too beautiful, you''re called a witch. There also are magical beings called witches, who have the capacity to travel through both time and dimensions and sometimes do in the pursuit of love with humans.

An outcast young boy and a mysterious witch have been separated because they''re different from what''s considered, one due to his imperfection and one due to her imperfections, will require more than just magic spells and incantations; they''ll need one another.

Witch of Mine: "How far would you go for true love?" Well written, well-written, with interconnected tales that will keep you guessing.

Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors will distribute these titles in print.

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