Delver Season 2 will be released on Amazon next week and Dark Horse for the next year

Delver Season 2 will be released on Amazon next week and Dark Horse for the next year

The sequel to C. Spike Trotman and MK Reed will be available on Amazon''s ComiXology Unlimited next week on June 28th. However, since Amazon''s prank Kindle app is terrible for reading comics, you''ll probably have to wait until next February to get the print version. This is the first time that Dark Horse Comics might fix the app by then, although it is technically possible. Possible, but unlikely, because they seem to be concerned about it.

But that''s not here or there. The argument is that it''s coming to a close next week. From the press release:

Delver Season 2, a fantasy adventure series that examines contemporary social issues through the eyes and actions of a young and tenacious adolescent from a small village, who must navigate the uncertain world around her, is released digitally on June 28, 2022 from Amazon''s exclusive digital content line.

Delver, the comic book series authored by Clive Hawken and YA writer MK Reed, has been named a contender for change or combat in her home. Delver Season 2 includes art by Clive Hawken, colors by Maarta Laiho, letters by Ed Dukeshire, and edits by Kel McDonald.

The paperback issue will be available from Dark Horse Books on February 7, 2023, marking the first time that the book will be available in print for comic shops, stores, and libraries.

Here''s the copy copy of Delver Book 2:

Temerity has returned from Dungeon. However, Oddgoat has grown to Newdoorbie. But the name isn''t the only thing that''s changed. She once had to choose between the familiar or the exciting but dangerous. Now the familiar is gone. Her new choice is to accept change or fight against what ruined her home.

Comixology Originals is now available digitally on June 28, 2022.

[Delver Book 2 / 128 pages / color / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-50673088-2/ on sale February 7, 2023 / Dark Horse Books]

And for the first Delver collection, which is now available:

Delver collects the issues 1-5 of the digital Comixology Originals series.

The influx of newcomers threatens the livelihoods of long-time residents including Temerity Aster, who has never been known to carpet baggers and sellswords, or explore the new and dangerous dungeon below in hopes of finding unclaimed gold and treasure.

[Delver / 144 pages / color / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-50672452-2/ Dark Horse Books]

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