What is the Arrow? The Flash? BCTV's DD makes major moves

What is the Arrow? The Flash? BCTV's DD makes major moves

Before we reach today''s BCTV Daily Dispatch (a daily rundown of our television/streaming coverage from the past 24 hours) you''re likely wondering what the headline is all about. Makes sense, especially considering that the next week''s second season finale of (S02E15 "Waiting for Superman") will be focused on The CW''s DCU for the next week or so. That''s why we wanted to remind you that the Arrowverse has been making a lot of significant news in

What makes this DC Comics limited series different from your average TV-to-comics series? Simply put, this one matters- as in, it directly impacts Arrowverse canon. For example, the creative teams behind the respective shows engaged in distributing storylines and ideas that directly or indirectly affected each show''s lore and small-screen universe. And there were also three items in particular that were caught our eye by Jeff Hersch and Thomas Pound, along with an image spoiler buffer.

Is It Possible that Season 9 of The Flash Get "Blood"-y?! A backup story centered on Ramsey Rosso aka Bloodwork (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy in The CW series) and his desire to get free from ARGUS custody (detained since the sixth season) and begin working on his new intentions. Although, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) discovers the "big bad" is missing, but not in time, as readers/viewers are left with

With the limited series''''big bad aimed at heroes in 2049, Bart aka Impulse & Nora aka XS take viewers to Gotham to see if the city''s dark knight was safe. Which is not the case for Ryan Wilder, though, which is still patroling the streets too long into the future. Could she also try to find someone to train?

Spectre Alive, is it true that Stephen Amell''s Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow was killed attempting to save Earth-38? And then he returned as the Arrowverse''s Spectre only to die while rebooting the multiverse in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four" (setting aside that "paradise dimension" thing)? Well, it would appear that Queen''s Spectre was not quite as dead as we all anticipated, or he got a

This morning''s BCTV Daily Dispatch, a look at our previously unfavorable amount of television/streaming coverage:

Due to injury, Rhea Ripley was withdrawn from the bank; a new card was issued.

Next Week, AEW x NJPW''s Forbidden Door will be available for select movie theaters.

The Venture Bros Star Has Shared a Film Update and Thoughts on the Series Finale

Season 2 of Dark Winds: AMC will adapt Tony Hillerman Series.

Joseph Morgan, star of Titans Season 4, has shared more brother blood details.

In the S02 Preview clip, only Murders in the Building Trio get roasted.

Kamala Celebrates Season 1 of Marvel S01E03 Preview Clip

Tony D Looks To Win His First Title in NXT in Preview 6/21 of NXT

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy Sneak Peek Intros The Sparrow Academy

Homelander and a younger boy Meet "Doesn''t Go Well" -- But for Who?

Class Action Lawsuits Loom as Vince McMahon Looms on WWE Raw

Season 8 Finale Part One Images; Season 9 Clues?

Season 2 of American Horror Stories Key Art: Someone''s Always Watching

Promo for Boys S03E06 "Herogasm": Don''t Say You Weren''t Warned, People

On Raw, Disprove Conspiracy Theories, Elias and Ezekiel Appear Together

The Midnight Western Theatre in Louis Southard and David Hahn have been released on television.

Lightsaber Limbo''s A Bit Much Is Getting Started In This LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation Trailer

Volume 2 of Stranger Things: Running Up One Final Hill

Thoughts on Season 3 of Our Motherland: Fort Salem; New S03E01 Sneak Peeks

Sadie Sinks on Max, Survivor''s Guilt, and Losing Eleven in Stranger Things 4.

Jameela Jamil, Tim Meadows, and Others Join the Peacock Series in Poker Face

Moffat Swaps Romance for Existential Horror in The Time Traveler''s Wife

McMahon on WWE Raw, Laurinaitis on Administrative Leave, and More

BCTV Weekly Dispatch: Better Call Saul, Titans, Umbrella Academy, and More

Peter Kosminsky on Channel 4''s "Cultural Vandalism"

Today''s BCTV Daily Dispatch "Long-Distance Dedication": Imagine Dragons with "Bones"

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