Screening Out The Future Of The X-Men & The Fall Of The Mutants (Spoilers)

Screening Out The Future Of The X-Men & The Fall Of The Mutants (Spoilers)

Today marks the release of a slew of big mutant Marvel comic books, #3, #12, and 2022, all looking for the future of X-Men and the mutant race on Krakoa. It started with Chris Claremont and John Byrne''s The idea in the X-Men that the future might avoid the present, but it seems, that was successful until the machines from the future mutant paradise sent themselves back to try and restore the original plan. But now that Destiny is back,

We have coming fighting Eternals, we have a team of Mister Sinister-formed X-Men, Magneto monuments, Exodus looking down on a crowd, and Ilyanna in hell, in her demnic form, with her sword restored. As well as a map of the future, we all love a map. This is a Krakoan X-Men comic book.

The Nimrod Extinction Event, or a New Krakoa, or The Storm System, you see a Sixth Avengers Vs X-Men in the future. Here''s what you need to know about the Expanse, but there are also other futures to see, such as when Exodus is Phoenix, or dealing with Mister Sinister.

And with Mister Sinister''s death, the revelation of his majesty.

Mister Sinister has cloned Mora Mactaggert Sinister to change the timeline when he is required, and transfer future information to the present day. And now Destiny knows.

While in #23, the team gets to see the future of one of their members, or at least one of those futures. Old Woman Illyana.

With Warlock as her "soulsword" and a look to her future where the techno organic virus has infected the demons of Hell. And that Krakoa fell. A decline of the mutants? We''ll do something again.

Is this what might lead to the New Krakoa mentioned in the timeline plot? Marvel''s Voices Pride 2022 also wants to see the future. With Emma Frost, she is trying to recruit trans supervillain Sheila Sexton, otherwise known as Escapade, to Krakoa.

Even super villains have standards. So, Destiny requires even more direction.

Morgan, giving Escapade a future perspective of her own shape/space shifting abilities, leads to the death of her boyfriend, life partner, and partner in the crime.

In #31, And Escapade''s future will be linked to the New Mutants, which will be published in October 2022.

While Destony has to deal with what she knows about Sinister without revealing her cards.

But there is only one Sinister. Dr Stasis, a Sinister who never imagined himself into a mutant, working with Orchis to create a machine future rather than a mutant one. And, as we have had an, so we have another X-Men event comic book to publish.

It''s time for Moira Mactaggert to wear Mary Jane Watson''s face on Free Comic Book Day. And Hellfire Gala will come. Oh and as for Destiny''s future vision for Illyana?

A lot of that happens today.

MARVEL COMICS IN IMMORTAL X-MEN #3 MARVEL MAR220989 (W) Kieron Gillen (A) Lucas Werneck (CA) Mark Brooks THE DESTINY OF X! Irene Adler wrote twelve books a hundred years ago. A sequel is long overdue. RATED T+In Shops: Jun 22, 2022 SRP: $3.99

PRIDE FOR THE LIVING MARVEL COMICS APR220866 (W) Alyssa Wong (A) Stephen Byrne (CA) Nick Robles Gets off a GLAAD Award nomination for the 2021 anthology, and MARVEL''S VOICES: PRIDE for the first time in a row! Alyssa Wong, the creator of the New York Times, brings the complex legacy of Moondragon to life, and it will not

NEW MUTANTS #26 MARVEL COMICS MAR221004 (W) Vita Ayala (A) Rod Reis, Jan Duursema (CA) Leinil Francis Yu WHILE THE QUEEN IS AWAY, DEMONS WILL PLAY! Magik faces an enemy she thought she had banished long ago. SRP: $3.99 RATED T+In Shops: Jun 22, 2022

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