Netflix's Love And Gelato Honest Review

Netflix's Love And Gelato Honest Review

The movie Love & Gelato is the latest adaptation of Netflix''s Movie section. Based on a similar name, the film focuses on Lina''s life. She has decided to do something for her mother. So before she died, she promised to spend the month travelling to Italy.

Lina meets with her Mothers old friends who provide her with her Mothers old journal. Although initially skeptical, Lina read the Journal and decided to follow her footsteps. In hopes of finding her estranged father, whose identity was kept a secret by Linas Mother. Will she discover who her father is, or will Italy be too distracting for her?

Meet The Cast

First, we have American actress Susanna Skaggs in the role of Lina Emerson, then we have Italian actress Valentina Lodovini in the role of Francesca. Next, we have an Italian actress Tobia De Angelis in the role of Lorenzo Ferrazza, an Italian chef, and a love interest in Lina. Finally, we have Italian actor Cristiano Piacenti in the role of Matteo Fossi, and finally, Italian actress Luca Seta in the

Where To Watch The Movie

The international viewers of the film should not be concerned, as several popular streaming services should have the film on hand. Even if you are uncomfortable with the Default language, there must be several voice-over and subtitle options available based on your geographical location. You may stream the show onNetflix.

Unfortunately, there are no other platforms that offer the movie to stream. A 5.0/10 IMDB rating and no rotten tomatoes have been shown. The film has been released on the 22nd of June 2022. It took 110 minutes or one h 55m and has a rating of TV-14.

Honest Review

The narration is remarkable. Netflix has done a good job of putting this film near the book. However, they might have used their creative license here and there. It is a coming-of-age Teenage Romance movie. It takes place in Italy, so the visuals and all of the animations are fantastic. All the roles were fantastic.

The film progresses as protagonist Lina searches for her Father, whom she has never met. However, she begins to feel sorry for a guy. But the truth is, she knows that his Father is nothing she expected her to be. Find out more about love and Gelato.

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