On Steam, Babylons Fall has restored zero recurring players

On Steam, Babylons Fall has restored zero recurring players

The fall of Babylon''s Fall is a disturbing lesson on how bad live service games can be achieved from the start. This game was set to disastrous reviews and public neglect as it sat down. Unfortunately, the game has remained unable to retain any type of player base since its release and has only managed to keep very few concurrent players on the Steam version alone.

This new game by PlatinumGames in conjunction with Square Enix has reached a new all-time low, as it has finally reached a staggering zero concurrent player count. This new shameful mark was reached on June 16, 2022, at 10:00 as seen on Steam Charts.

The game''s ability to return to "normalcy" in player numbers shortly afterward, but has managed to retain at least five players simultaneously at its lowest levels ever. This certainly doesn''t bode well for Babylon''s Fall, which even Square Enix has started to criticize as the game''s content was delayed so that it may rethink its future.

What will players be able to look forward to for now? Well, nothing. At least until the game receives a fresh update that''s expected to happen in November of this year. We don''t have much to go off from PlatinumGames without the additional three months of drought to create the next content update.

Despite negative reviews, Babylon''s Fall will continue to be available. Despite its promise, PlatinumGames will continue to develop, with at least two seasons of content being completed, and a third one will be in the works. However, as a result of Automata''s effort, to say that the game has a big climb ahead would be a mistake.

The Fall of Babylon is now available exclusively on PlayStation and PC.

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