Article Claims CW Wanted a Return, and Studios Didn't

Article Claims CW Wanted a Return, and Studios Didn't

If you like The CW''s Arrowverse, then you know how bad things have been done before (especially after yesterday). As #SaveBatwoman, #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow, and other show-saving campaigns rage on, we have a piece of puzzle about what was going on behind the scenes, and who was (and wasn''t) in favor of DC''s Legends of Tomorrow returning. On Wednesday,Deadline Hollywood published a report titled "Upfronts 2022:

Several series, which [The CW head Mark] Pedowitz might have kept on the air longer, were canceled, including Legends of Tomorrow, which received a proper sendoff after seven seasons, Legacies, which has a dedicated fan following, and In the Dark, which has been among the CW''s finest quality series. I hear the CW was willing to renew the shows, but the studios behind them were not for business reasons as they [soar] to keep their slates profitable.

So if that''s true (and the "I hear" does not appear to be within the "sources" category), then who made the final call? Is it possible that the decision never made its way up to Warner Bros. Discovery? And more importantly, will we ever really know? Here''s a look at the first of Shimizu''s tweets from last week, followed by the full text of all four tweets:

All parties involved have expressed no fear for #LegendsOfTomorrow. The folks we work with at Berlanti, DC, WB, and the CW all wanted the show to continue. They were always fans, and they still are.

Keto Shimizu (@ketomizu) May 7, 2022

All of the people we work with at Berlanti, DC, WB, and the CW all wanted the show to continue. They were fans and still are.

There are forces at play that are out of control of all of the above-named individuals. It''s a difficult time for all media makers, and pressures come from all sides. We all wanted a different outcome. No one wanted this.

Our program focuses mostly on hope, love, family, evolution, and forgiveness. Support us with service. We appreciate your work, your joy, and humor.

Threats, bullying, blame, and vitriol aren''t helpful or welcome. Please remember that there are people who are responsible for the companies involved. Good individuals, who are causing harm just as much as some of you are right now. Please, be kind and open.

Here''s a look back at Shimizu''''s tweet, which confirms the bad news as well as the whole text of the statement:

Well, folks, it''s been an incredible run. However, the CW has disclosed that there will be no season 8 of #LegendsOfTomorrow. We''re very heartbroken, but we are also extremely grateful for the incredible work we have provided to the little show.

Keto Shimizu (@ketomizu) April 30, 2022

Well, folks. It''s been a fantastic year. However, the CW has informed us that there will be no Season 8 of #LegendsOfTomorrow. We are heartbroken, but we are also immensely grateful for the amazing work our cast, crew, and writers have contributed to the little show that might.

Your affection and passion for our strange band of misfits have made every break, every script, every daily, every cut, and every mix worth all the work. We see you, we love you, and you''ll always have a place on the Waverider.

Caity Lotz is the lead singer of DC''s Legends of Tomorrow, alongside Sara Lance as White Canary,Dominic Purcell, as Charlie, Nate Heywood, as Zari Tarazi, Matt Ryan as Vice President, Adam Tsekhman, and Sarah Schechter as executive producer. In collaboration with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer, Keto Shimizu, Grainne Godfree, and Sarah Schechter, Greg

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