What exactly is Charlie Radnedge from Love Island? What you need to know is

What exactly is Charlie Radnedge from Love Island? What you need to know is

Want to know more about Charlie Radnedge from the start?

New bombshells are still being released into the villa in 2022, and Charlie is the latest boy to travel into the property in order to seek love.

On Wednesday, June 22, Charlie met all three boys for a drink while the other boys were left to watch on the terrace... will he succeed in finding his perfect match and join the winners list?

"It''s a once in a lifetime opportunity," Charlie says of the move, saying, "It''s a once in a lifetime opportunity." Ive got to give it a go. I''ve met quite a lot in London, and I''ve been single for three years, so im not having that much success in that department, so why not try something new."

Here''s all you need to know about Charlie Radnedge.

How old is Charlie Radnedge?

Charlie is 28 years old.

Where is Charlie from?

Charlie is from London.

What is Charlie''''s Instagram account?

@charlieradnedge, Charlie Radnedge''s Instagram is averaging over 9000 followers at the time of writing. However, if he gets to spend a long time in the villa, we''re certain that changes will take place soon!

What does Charlie do for a living?

Charlie Radnedge is a professional property developer.

What does he think of going to the villa?

Charlie believes he''ll bring a fresh sense of belonging to the people in the building in 2022. He said: "I''m pretty forward and straight talking. Im also a calm person. I''m sure it''ll add new vibes to the Villa."

Who has Charlie got his eye on?

Before Charlie arrived, he had already seen a few of his girls.

"Ekin-Su, Paige, and Tasha." But im keeping an open mind until I meet them. I might get on with someone I didn''t fancy before. I''m also more on the back of things and whether you like someone. Ekin-Su is more toward my classic type. Tasha is also interesting, so I want to know more about her."

Why does he think he is single at the moment?

"I''m happy on my own. I enjoy doing things on my own and having my own space. I am unsure if someone else makes me feel happy. I want it to be something that complements our lives, rather than something that my happiness is dependent on. Im probably in the midst of the next serious relationship, so I want to be certain."

On ITV2 andITV Hub, 2022 will be live on Monday, June 6, and new episodes will be available nightly at the same time in the same location. Episodes will be available for stream the following morning onBritBox.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022 will be released in the United States on Hulu.

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