The EastEnders legend teases Walford's career as a surprise

The EastEnders legend teases Walford's career as a surprise

If Sonia Fowler, star Natalie Cassidy revealed that she expects a fresh career move.

The actor who took on the role of famous Sonia when she was just ten years old, admitted that if she wasn''t in, she would do something completely different than working in a restaurant!

Natalie has played her Albert Square alter ego for three-quarters of her life, but that doesn''t mean she takes taking a vacation.

The Guardian (opens in a new tab) what she would do if her character was ever written out of the soap... "I always believe, when I am in a restaurant and have been very well handled, I might do that front-of-house stuff very well."

As part of a cast shake-up, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ), Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith), Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) and Jada Lennox (Kelsey Calladine-Smith) have been confirmed as removed from the soap.

The major cast axing is part of Chris Clenshaws'' new executive producer''s plan to revamp the show... but unfortunately Natalie has a backup plan if she was ever to be in a similar position.

Natalie wouldn''t rule out more reality TV after attending in 2009 and 2012, she admitted that she would never say to "Maybe youll see me in the jungle."

"For the time being, though and I never get complacent about this I think Sonias is part of the fabric of E. These big stars who come and go, but Sonias like the curtains or walls or the wallpaper. You need that for the soap opera to work.

Natalie would be best friends with her in real life, but "Sonias is dull. She''s dull," she admits. "But I like that about her."

Natalie reveals that she experienced a lot of learning from a very early age to respect her trade. "It was a fantastic place to work, especially with strong women like Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler), Barbara Windsor (Peggy Mitchell), and June Brown (Dot Cotton).

"This matriarchal group was incredible. They were so helpful and professional. Im never late for work or makeup because, like them, I know that you must respect the people who are on set 12 hours a day.

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