In a shocking double bill, David Hide is brutally assaulted by an angry mob!

In a shocking double bill, David Hide is brutally assaulted by an angry mob!

David Hide commits himself to a selfish mob and is brutally beaten in the first episode of this weeks double-bill (BBC One, 8.50pm and 9.30pm, Saturday, June 25 2022). In Saturdays second episode, Stevie Nash takes charge of the ED, but struggles to control her emotions, as it''s the anniversary of her sisters'' death.

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David Hide attacked

As the aftermath of the school shooting reverberates throughout Holby, David Hide is no stranger to public policy, and his relatives face devastating damage, suffering, and lives forever changed.

In the wake of the tragic events conducted by Davids son, Ollie, and his school friend, Rob, there arent many open thoughts left for Ollies'' dad. In the opposite view.

This week, David (Jason Durr) is in a state of despair and depression at his home, which has been vandalsised and dissected by the police, in their search for answers.

When a gang arrives at his house looking for vengeance, Davids enraged mental turmoil comes to an end. In difficult scenes, a broken nurse walks outside and treats him.

Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) and Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) are among the paramedics to receive a shout to the property, disperse the angry crowd, and whisk David to the Emergency Department.

The psychiatrist at Yale and senior nurse Jacob Masters are able to treat their badly beaten colleague, which has worsened!

Dylan and Jacob face a fresh challenge when David refuses further treatment and decides to leave him alone. During the attack, a video of the attack goes viral, posing a risk to David.

Dylan''s concern has decided to take drastic measures to protect his unconsolable friend. However, not everyone is as clear as the constant death threats.

Is Davids life in danger?

Faith''''s struggles

Faith Cadogan, a nurse, is still reeling from the events at the school, as her daughter Natalia was caught up in the tragic event and the Hides were family friends. This week Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) focuses on assisting fellow-mum Claire (star Mina Andala) who is keeping a bedside vigil by her son Finns hospital bed.

Tragic Finn is on a ventilator, which he is battling for his life, and Faiths heart goes out to the mother and child. Yet she cant help but blame him.

Faith is unable to accept that David had no idea of what Ollie was planning, and expresses her regrets first to Stevie and later to Iain. Will she confront fragile David?

Stevie schemes!

As the school shooting unfolded, Dylan Keogh (William Beck) has the world on his shoulders, as he simultaneously attempts to conduct an investigation into the Department of Justice to ensure that more lives have been saved, while also desperately supporting David.

Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) offers to assist out, recognizing that he is struggling. But are she willing to take risks, or is she adamant about his position?

Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) thinks it''s the latter and openly questions Stevie''s beliefs. While Stevie makes a new adversary when Richard Harrington (star of,,, and ) joins as a new recurring character called Jonty.

Stevie instantly takes on Jonty when she sees him smiling with Ethan, believing she''s watching The Boys Club in action. In fact, professionalism goes so far downhill, almost in the hospital basement by the time the credits roll. Words are had, threats, and complaints launched. Is this going to turn ugly?

Also in Casualty episode Blame Game

David confesses to being broken up with his wife, Rosa, and making a profound confession.

When a young kid, Joey arrives at the ED with a non-human patient in a box, Rash Masum (Neet Mohan), Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) and Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell).

Will the trio send Joey (Wilfred Tennant) to his parents?

Hollie Taylor and Adam Beckman are also starring this week as unlucky couple Lauren and Spencer, and Nicola Alexis is also a guest on this week''s episode. Maggie is a mental health expert.

Saturdays episode One In, One Out

Stevie Nash losing control?

When Dylan and acting clinical lead Ethan are both dissatisfied in the second episode of this week, Stevies feels fragile as it is also the anniversary of Emmas'' birthday.

Compounding her emotional turmoil is a reunion with Marcus her sister partner, whom she had an affair with! Marcus reappearance completely exposes guilt-ridden Stevie, but she bulldozes into the ED determined to be absolutely professional and in control. This does not last long!

While she is treating Ivy ( Jasmine Armfield), her doctors emotions get the better of her. As the transition goes from bad to worse, secretly grieving Stevie lashes out, resulting in a serious complaint being filed against her.

Desperation and optimism are brewing for Marcus ( and star Adam Sina) to talk to her and discover Stevie drowning her sorrows. Is the mourning doctor about to make a bad situation even worse?

Sah''''s mother shock!

Sah Brockner (Arin Smethurst) confides in Iain that their father, Kevin, is dating again, as he continues to cancel their plans! However, this is the last thing on their mind when they unexpectedly run into their GP mother, Jools, at the ED.

Jools ( Alex Childs) discovers she has returned to Holby and is seeking to apologize, but after years of suffering and abandonment, Sah is not in a harsh state of mind. When Kevin discovers, how will he react?

Also in this Casualty episode One In, One Out

Jonty once again finds himself settling in the grips of Stevies, who are waging a hefty defeat.

Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) and Faith make a choppy decision.

Ethan, a friend of everyone, has his stern face on, which is bad news for a certain person. You may guess who!

Nim Johnson and David Roper star as naughty pals Bertie and Simrat, who go on a Bonnie and Clyde crime spree (sort-of!)

These episodes will air on BBC One on Saturday, June 25 2022 at 8.50pm and 9.30pm. The episodes are now available on iPlayer after they are announced.

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