Season 25 of Silent Witness: The US release date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything we know

Season 25 of Silent Witness: The US release date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything we know

This year, celebrated its 25th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion Amanda Burton, who first appeared in the lead role of pathologist Sam Ryan in 1996, made a surprise comeback in the Britsh series, which now has a US release date after already appearing in the United Kingdom.

Amanda appeared as Sam in 54 episodes before she left the show in 2004.

Amanda spoke of her coming before of the series, saying, "I am so grateful to be returning to Sam Ryans shoes and making a difference!"

Emilia Fox, who plays Dr. Nikki Alexander, said she''s "extremely pleased and happy" to be working with Amanda. To have Sam Ryan back at the heart of the show is the greatest way to go about celebrating the 25th anniversary of."

Everything we know about the series, including what''s next for Nikki and Jack

Silent Witness season 25 release date

On Tuesday, July 12, season 25 will be released on BritBox in the United States.

The series has concluded in the United Kingdom, but you may catch up on previous episodes as well as this season on BBC iPlayer.

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Who''''s in the cast?

David Caves has been relegated to Jack Hodgson, as well as Emilia Fox and Amanda Burton. Genesis Lynea has resigned from the role of Simone Tyler.

Emilia Fox has said that she still loves watching the program: "I''ve always said I''ll stay as long as I enjoy it from the start," and I still enjoy it. The audience and I have been through a lot together.

"I never take for granted the privilege of being an executive producer." Now that I am also an executive producer, I really appreciate it as part of my personal life as much as my professional life. It''s had an enormous impact on me."

According to Genesis Lynea, "Simone"''s back story comes back and bites her on the nose. Does she ignore it and shove it under the carpet, or face it even though it really hurts? I''m glad she goes towards the pain. It''s hard to say what she is today, but it''s great that we can do that on ".

David Caves has revealed what episode he recommends from this series. He said: ''There is a great episode set in Belfast. Jack''s brother is a loose cannon, and he''s gone AWOL again. ''We look at the story of Jack''s niece in Belfast.

"It''s difficult to talk about without spoiling it, but we must insist that family secrets come out of the closet. With that, the character''s character might be rather dry and procedural.

What''''s the plot?

The first thing to notice before the show was Amanda Burton''s return, and of course Nikki and Jack''s!

"The kiss posed the possibility of why these two people who have worked together for so long and love each other and are single hadn''t already had a relationship," Emilia said of Nikki and Jack''s budding romance."

"The most interesting thing is that the audience have wanted Jack and Nikki to be together. It''s fantastic that they have invested so much in the relationship. We wanted to play Jack and Nikki in the transition and going through downs and downs. That''s something the audience will enjoy without giving up an apology. Do they maintain their romance? You''ll have to wait and see."

The season 25 episode can be seen on the horizon, but there are a few things to be said before.

What happens in Season 25 of Silent Witness?

The Lyell team have teamed up to help Sam Ryan in the first episode of season 25, although Nikki was unsure if she would trust her. The team are figuring out what happened to the health Secretary after being assassinated following the launch of Sam''s company.

Jack and Nikki grow closer after spending the afternoon in a hotel bar drinking together before returning to Nikki''s hotel room. However, Jack continues to complain about these issues, which has left supporters worried.

What happens in Season 25 of Silent Witness?

As some DNA evidence on the bullet casing is found, the team begins to progress with the Health Secretary case, and it turns out that Nikki has a surprising connection to the suspect.

Tom Faulkner, Nikki''s ex-husband and father of their stillborn child, is revealed to him. The divorce ended when Nikki was concerned about their father, and he is willing to show him his innocence.

Meanwhile, Nikki is still suspicious of Sam''s involvement in the case, and the audience sees the episode ending on a cliffhanger when Sam stole one of the blood samples from Nikki''s hotel room, before making a call requesting to meet with someone on the other end of the phone. But who?

What happens in Season 25 of Silent Witness?

After receiving a message from Tom, Sam ate dinner with her family, before falling away to hear him say.

As the security officer in Stockholm, Tom was sworn in for the United Nations. During this time, a politician had been murdered, with Sam brought in to do the post-mortem.

Tom met Sam about the wafer of blood she had been sent from Nikki. She had collected several specimens from the assassins'' hotel room, but she assured him she was on his side.

While Sam''s intentions are still unknown, there might be shady relationships back to the time she worked for the United Nations, but we''ll have to wait to see if she''s trying to correct her mistakes or if she''s truly evil.

What happens in Season 25 of Silent Witness?

As Nikki and Simone investigate a burned body, Jack receives a message telling him that his father, Conor, has died in Belfast.

According to the news, Conor has been forced to fly to Belfast, where he makes the terrible discovery that he has a heart condition that he never told him.

Margaret, an old friend of Conor''s, advises Jack that his condition is getting worse, and soon discovers the real reason for his father''s death in Belfast.

While Jack fulfills his dad''s desire for him to meet Eleanor, he is forced to tackle hidden family secrets and the consequences of his mother''s passing.

What happens in the fifth episode of Silent Witness?

Sam has gone missing and was last seen on CCTV following Oliver Meehan, a journalist who was later discovered dead outside his flat, but did she have anything to do with his passing? Right now, we have no clue!

There are also claims that Sam and her husband Jomo Mashaba (Hugh Quarshie) could have used corrupt funds to build Unitas Health, which Oliver was investigating, and things got heated when Jomo''s son David (Lloyd Everitt) paid him a visit.

The two got into a fight, where David panicked and thought he''d killed Oliver so threw his unconscious body off a balcony which, of course, killed the journalist. But may Sam have been pulling the strings? Right now, we don''t know.

David and his wife Fiona have been promised protection in the final moments of the episode if they''d provide important information to lead police in the correct direction, but a lorry caused the vehicle to crash, and it''s unclear if anyone made it out alive.

It''s possible that the team has lost a significant lead which might assist the case and track down Sam, making viewers more likely to tune in to discover what''s going on in the big finale.

What happens in Season 25 of Silent Witness?

Sam Ryan was not a bad person, but she had get herself involved with some idiots instead, which had motivated fans to suspect her.

UNITAS, Sam''s division, and Vigil Networking had organized some meetings, and there was a lot of suspicious activity on the day that boss Ethan Daley required someone in the government to lobby through the company, and that''s where Oscar came in.

Ethan was also involved in the death of the Health Secretary in episode one, after discovering she was planning to enforce a contract, and had DNA samples fabricated in the process.

But just when we thought things were done for good, and with Oscar at the center, Nikki discovered a mystery phone in her pocket, and a text from an unknown sender said, "I cant let it go. Im sorry" which means there might be more to this scenario than meets the eye...

What episode is Silent Witness Season 25?

Six episodes, therefore less than the usual 10.

Is there a trailer?

If you haven''t seen it yet, a full-length trailer is available for the 25th anniversary.

Amanda Burton is excellent and genuine for Sam Ryan, but the romance between Nikki and Jack is already wacky, and have they already hit the rocks?

Besides, there are the usual edge-of-your-seat plot twists that we have come to know and love from the series...

Before the main trailer was released, we were given a short video that shows Nikki answering a phone call from... wait for it... Sam Ryan! Yes, Amanda Burton is truly back!

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