Here's where you can still buy PlayStation Plus subscriptioncards

Here's where you can still buy PlayStation Plus subscriptioncards

The 23rd of June, a new PlayStation Plus subscription system, has been launched in Europe, and has rolled three new levels of the service to PlayStation 4 and PS5 users.

The three levels are different and include different features, including PlayStation Plus Essential, which costs $6.99 monthly / 19.99 quarterly / 49.99 yearly, PlayStation Plus Extra, which costs $10.99 monthly / 31.99 quarterly / 83.99 yearly, and PlayStation Plus Premium, which costs 13.49 monthly / 39.99 quarterly / 99.99 yearly.

If a PlayStation Now membership was removed before the new service was offered, PlayStation users might get a lower PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, given that existing PlayStation Now memberships were then converted to Premium memberships when the changes went on.

PlayStation Now has expired and you can''t buy online subscription cards or codes online, but you may still buy PlayStation Plus membership cards from a variety of online retailers. However, some retailers like ShopTo have discounts on membership cards. Here''s where you can still buy PS Plus cards in the United Kingdom:

A 12-month PS Plus subscription

Subscription for PS Plus for a three-month period

You may get a PlayStation Plus Essential membership for a bit less from ShopTo, but Currys'' full-price option is also good if you just want to get the new membership but not sign up for a rolling subscription. Some retailers have begun to remove these from their websites, so these ones might not stay up for long.

Another thing Sony has changed is the possibility to stack subscriptions, so if you already have a PS Plus membership, you won''t be able to redeem multiple cards at once for a new subscription. This means you can''t buy four three-month subscription cards and stack them together to save money, however, you''ll have to pay a 12-month card.

Some PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Store gift cards can be purchased at discounted rates at ShopTo. Some PS store and PS Plus gift cards are also available from Amazon EU.

Thanks to all of the games you can access with the PlayStation Plus Premium, the new PlayStation Plus Premium appears to be the best of the ranks. This is a good news for PlayStation enthusiasts. The PlayStation Plus Premium game is available now.

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