Crypto, the King of Fighters, appears, gets insulted, and disappears

Crypto, the King of Fighters, appears, gets insulted, and disappears

Not even Rugal would invest

This week, SNK presented a double dose of information about its biggest fight franchise, not only offering up a new trailer for Team Orochi, but also stealth-dropping onto PlayStation platforms. There was a third piece of news that day, although you might not find it for viewing.

On Tuesday, eagle-eyed fans noticed a new Twitter account promoting something called (or CryptoKOF), which is apparently owned by SNK and is believed to be a blockchain/NFT project based on the crossover fighting series. According to the Twitter page, they would see The Return of the King, to fight again in the metaverse arena.

You already know what happened next, and like so many similar announcements before it, was immediately harmed with insults and comments from the public, leading the Twitter page to go private within hours of its initial discovery. Although this is not the first Dabble in the NFT market (the company already has a contract with OnBuff to sell NFTs based on SNK properties), it is yet another example of the gaming community turning toward the blockchain market and saying it quite succinctly

And your horse you rode in on, fellas.

See the Jonathon Holmes report for more information on NFTs/blockchain technology and gaming.

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