The live stream of Summer Game Fest has reached an all-time high with 3,5 million viewers

The live stream of Summer Game Fest has reached an all-time high with 3,5 million viewers

New record for The Geoff & Company Power Hour

Since the Summer Game Fest live stream has no longer existed, it has been a long time since we all sat down to see Geoff Keighley and a large number of publishers and developers showcase their wares, which is evident that the show has been a huge success, breaking its own viewership records for the third year in a row.

According to a tweet by host and organizer Keighley, summer game Fest 2022, which broadcast on the afternoon of June 9 had a record high of over 3.5 million viewers during its 90-minute runtime. Twitter Conversation was up 100% on the last years stream, with the #thegameawards hashtag up by 69%. Nice.

Thank you for bringing this our biggest #SummerGameFest event yet for viewership and social engagement around the world on June 9!

Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) June 22, 2022

Over the course of the Summer Game Fest stream, viewers were able to see new trailers, news, news, and updates on a wide variety of titles that are currently being developed for PC and consoles.

Among the many games featured, we saw a trailer for Guile in, footage of space horror, a cinematic for, a release date for, campaign footage from, footage of Nightwing kicking ass in, and the long-awaited release of the Naughty Dog remake, which had, unfortunately, been leaked just minutes before the program began.

Summer Game Fest will be held in June of 2023. Before then, we can anticipate Keighley performing his stage show thang thing at Gamescoms Opening Night Live on August 24, and, of course, at The Game Awards 2023, which will also take place this winter.

Here''s how to see our full coverage of Summer Game Fest 2022.

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