Alex Garfin on Jordan's Decision, Teases the S02 Finale

Alex Garfin on Jordan's Decision, Teases the S02 Finale

The second season of The CW''sTyler Hoechlin & Elizabeth Tulloch-starring, has brought a lot of changes to Jordan''s (Alex Garfin) & Sarah''s (Inde Navarrette) status quo. Now, Garfin is opening up about Jordan''s decision as well as what viewers may expect from the next week''s season wrap-up. However, we''ll avoid specifics because it''s been less than 24 hours, and we''ll see

"I''m sure the ringing in his head was his parents'' saying that it would put her in danger." But we did notice that he tried to give her a letter and tried telling her. So, I just thought it wasn''t going to stop him. ''Screw it,'' says Garfin, who was delighted when asked if Jordan used the moment to finally tell Sarah or if revealing his powers was the only thing he had to do.

"We will see some big picture things in the season finale," says Dylan Walsh. "I''m sure everybody gets excited about it. "One of the things I''m really looking up to is Dylan Walsh [General Sam Lane], who is a serial man who speaks so well, and it''s absolutely unbelievable."

It''s like it''s time for Jordan to make a stand: "And given his long history of self-doubt, he will have to come to terms with his superhero role in an way that we haven''t seen. We''ll need to see him make bigger choices, and knowing how many of his choices affect him, without even knowing what he can see. I think his responsibility will start to weigh on him. It''s going to be amazing, I can already say. It''s going to be

SEASON FINALE Chrissy Beppo (Sofia Hasmik) has a message for the smallville residents, saying, "At the time, it''s happening." Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Erik Valdez, Inde Navarrette, Wole Parks, Taylor Buck, and Dylan Walsh star in the episode.

Thanks to (and thanks to @DevsMastani) we have two major pieces of intel from earlier this month, courtesy of Todd Helbing, a series showrunner and EP.

Helbing reveals that viewers may "expect a last-minute visit from ''Arrow'' vet David Ramsey''s John Diggle, although the fan fave''''s presence has more to do with ''Superman & Lois'''' future than its past," and "that [scene] is to tie up our big bad for Season 3."

Yes, Some Arrowverse Answers Are On the Way: Revealing that the episode will better explain how the series "fits into the Arrowverse," Helbing says it will be Dylan Walsh''s General Lane who "mentiones [things] where you''re gonna be like, ''wait, what?'' And then he gives a speech that is clear. "You learn everything from him," the showrunner said.

Laura Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman, Elizabeth Tulloch as Jonathan Kent, Erik Valdez as Kyle Cushing, Inde Navarrette as John Henry Irons, Sofia Hasmik as Chrissy Beppo, Tayler Buck as Natalie Irons, with Dylan Walsh as General Samuel Lane and Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang Cushing. Based on the DC scripts from Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Berlanti Productions has collaborated with Warner Bros. Television, with

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