Squad Releases a New 3.0 Update With a TON of Additions

Squad Releases a New 3.0 Update With a TON of Additions

The game will be getting the 3.0 Update, which includes a variety of modifications that will enhance the game, including a new faction, map, music, and weapons. Marines forces will join the fight as a new faction with some knowledge and amphibious skills, combined with arms tactics and vehicles.

The new map, Black Coast, which is set on the Black Sea''s windy coastal walls, highlights some new amphibious gameplay, while attackers launch their assault from a massive oceanfront carrier to secure beachhead forward operating bases. The new map also includes a new amphibious-focused training ground map and five new maps to use the new gameplay feature. A selection of vehicles from other factions have also been upgraded with new capabilities. To complete the update, players will be hearing a brand new track and see in-game environmental

This brand-new addition to Squad is focusing on amphibious assault and combined arms techniques.

  • Seven Faction Vehicles: RHIB Watercraft, M1151 Light Jeep, MATV Armored Car, AAVP7-A1 Armored Personnel Carrier, LAV-25A2 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle, M1A1 Main Battle Tank, UH1Y Transport Helicopter
  • Five New Weapons: Including the M16A4 Full Length Rifle, M4 Carbine Rifle, SMAW Anti Tank, M9 Pistol, and Fragmentation Grenade
  • Amphibious Assault: Previously impassable river and ocean terrain can now be crossed. Vehicles with amphibious capabilities can traverse bodies of deep water expanding players'''' tactical and strategic options

The Black Coast Black Coast is set on the rocky, windswept coast of the Black Sea. The squad''s latest map will focus on amphibious power, but fighters must prevent the invaders from arriving at a beachhead for future military deployments. This map features an aircraft carrier main base dedicated to highlighting the new amphibious mechanics.

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