Season 2 of Batman Unburied: DC and Spotify Audio Drama Are Coming to Season 2

Season 2 of Batman Unburied: DC and Spotify Audio Drama Are Coming to Season 2

The "Dive Into The Batman Audio Universe" panel for Cannes Lions will feature David S. Goyer, DC, and Spotify. With Dawn Ostroff, the company''s chief content and advertising director, Winston Duke and Hasan Minhaj, and Warner Bros.'''' executive vice president Warner Bros. Animation and Blue Ribbon content, Peter Girardi, the recording drama will be back for a second season.

"We are at war with our perceptions of the truth, and we are not vampires and ghouls, but our perceptions and beliefs are evolving, and how we deal with them." Duke said during a panel that he believes that a lot of intention was given in the conversation. "It''s amazing to see Goyer tell me that one of his stipulations was that ''I wanted to have a black Batman, and I won''t do it without it." "We''re at

Among the cast includeWinston Duke () as Bruce Wayne aka Batman; Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) as trusted butler Alfred; Hasan Minhaj () as Batman''s father, Thomas Wayne; Lance Reddick () as Dr. Hunter; Ashly Burch () as Vicki Vale; Gina Rodriguez () as Poison Ivy; and Jim Pirri () as Arnold Flass, a corrupt cop who uses his badge for his own benefit.

For Phantom Four, take a look at the roster of voice talent, including Catwoman, Wonder Woman, The Riddler, Batgirl, and the Joker, according to Spotify and its executive producers, including Liz Gateley and Shaleen Desai, among others. Writers include Eric Carrasco, Saladin Ahmed, and Graham Westerson, who plays the writer.

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