The Black Phone Is The Summer's Thriller,' According to a Review

The Black Phone Is The Summer's Thriller,' According to a Review

Ethan Hawke is a wonderful person who loves to hear music while playing drums in the theater, which is remarkable at some points, and it''s surprisingly uplifting. This is one of the best films to come out of the Scott Derrickson/C. Robert Cargill pairing. Some of the best in years, but this film belongs to the kids in the cast, who steal the show in all the best ways. This is one of the summer''s strongest films.

The Black Phone Gets It Right

Finney (Madeleine McGraw) and her brother are separated from each other in a rocky house, threatening to avoid suicide, according to his mother. She is found dead on the ground by a child abductor known as "The Grabber," who plays Ethan Hawke. Finney, who has been separated from the public, is now trying to do so by using an old black phone on the wall that allows him to speak to the other victims.

The 102-minute runtime is spectacular, but there is no wasted minutes on the screen. This is how you do nostalgia, people, not hammering us over the head with it, but giving us plenty of moments to keep us informed about the events. Like the short story from Joe Hill, this is a clever and detailed script, but it''s not easy to describe it.

Much of this has to do with the cast, who do fantastic work here. Hawke is particularly terrible in a role that many will recognize as one of his career-best. However, the film''s marketing has correctly focused on The Grabber''s mask, which is frightening to come across. While Hawke is putting its value to the point where the mask is removed and his whole range is on display; so you can''t stop laughing.

Fortunately, Finney has two amazing people who stand up to him. Thames and McGraw are one of the finest brother/sister combos in a film in a long time. They both learn to stay close to each other and have to make choices. So, when we meet him, we notice how successful and happy he is.

Everything in this film is working and works fantastic. There is a very memorable villain in The Grabber, a brother/sister combo for the ages, and a smile across your face. This is easily one of the best horror/thriller events of the year, and is in contention for the top ten in 2022.

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