Clara Rugaard, who plays the press as a movie star, discusses time travel romance and Lewis Pullman

Clara Rugaard, who plays the press as a movie star, discusses time travel romance and Lewis Pullman

Clara Rugaard''s actress has long appeared in several films, including (2017), (2018), and Sky''s (2019) and (2021). On the television side, Rugaard also appeared in Disney''s and ABC''s and currently stars. Laura is given a chance to save Harrison if she discovers that their mixtape can help her return in time.

Clara Rugaard: When I read the sentence, it said, "Press Play," which has already started putting on your heartstrings. I''m so a fan of romantic movies and movies. So getting to be able to play a role in something like that I love so much that I''m not alone.

BC: What are the most challenging aspects of having time travel as a narrative? Rugaard: I think the most significant aspect about the time travel element was probably going out of chronological order, obviously. Having to keep track of where Laura was at mentally, what had happened prior to it, and keeping track of the timeline that was quite challenging. Often, we would shoot the scene where Harrison returned in time on the same day [laughs]. That was a bit hazy.

BC: What do you think of Lewis'' chemistry? Rugaard: I think it back then. We met in Hawaii face-to-face, and we had plenty of time to play. So we went out on the weekend with the surf instructor, immediately hit it off, and had a great time. It wasn''t hard, though. We just had a great time.

BC: What was the set like under director Greg Bjorkman? Rugaard: Greg is simply amazing. He was so admirable and passionate, and everyone on the set could feel it. He brought so much pleasure and energy to set because of this passion for the story. It was just incredible getting to work with him.

What are you going to tell me about the next ''Mary''s Monster'' that you''ll see alongside Kit Harington? Rugaard: It''s going to happen in August. I think we''ll start shooting. I''m aware of it. I''m aware that it''s quite exciting, and I''m doing some prep for it right now. So that''s fantastic.

In the film, Rugaard will play "Frankenstein" author Mary Shelley, who is directed by Bjorkman and James Bachelor. Lyrica Okano, Matt Walsh, Christina Chang, and Danny Glover will play it on-demand and digital. On June 24, the film will be released on theaters.

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