Recap 6/21 of WWE NXT 2.0: Who Is The NXT North American Champion?

Recap 6/21 of WWE NXT 2.0: Who Is The NXT North American Champion?

After a whimmeling week last week, the actor plans to return with a hefty group of matches, including Tony D''Angelo''s victory overCarmelo Hayes for the North American title. Was he successful in the pursuit of his first title in the company? Let''s get a look.

Tony D''Angelo wins Carmelo Hayes against Carmelo Hayes in the North American Championship.

Carmelo Hayes was able to stay on track for his North American championship in a battle against Tony D''Angelo from the start. Tony D dominated much of this bout, using his scale and brute force advantage over Hayes from the start. His "family" surrounded the ring as he laid into Hayes with shocking shots and his usual grapples and stretches.

Hayes used his skill and poise to advance, but we get a nice competitive battle until the end. WhenStacks withdraws the ref, Tony D insists that he removes the brass knuckles, but instead distributes them to Hayes, who ties Tony D with them and pins him to keep.

Winner & Still Champion: Carmelo Hayes

We sawSolo Sikoa drop toGrayson Waller in other moves this week thanks to an exposed turnbuckle.

In tag team action, Katana ChanceandKayden Carterdefeats Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz''s team.

Roderick StrongandDamon Kemp of Diamond Mine has won a match against Cruz Del ToroandJoaquin Wilde in a tag team match thanks to Stacks andTwo Dimes'' interference.

Cameron Grimes defeats young Edris Enofe, whom he wanted to see more traction and determination out of and got it here.

Von Wagner wins vs.Brooks Jensen in revenge for losing him a win last week.

Alba Fyre''s win vs.Lash Legendvia disqualification was caused by Legend''s own baseball bat.

We had a number of non-match moments, including the hype package for formerstarJordan Devlin getting asJD McDonagh, yet another rich European character, and an instant contender for WWE''s worst ring name.

We received a promotional fromWes Lee who continued to pour his heart out to the audience and explain how intense these past couple of months have been, until he was hounded and insulted by Trick Williams, who was out to mock and insult Lee for remaining in without his former MSK partner. There isn''t really a resolution here, but I suspect they''ll be facing each other pretty soon.

Tiffany Stratton makes a video promo onWendy Choo, and honestly, it''s kind of hard to argue anything she''s discussing here about what''s today''s single dumbest gimmick.

After his impressive debut last week, we got a backstage interview with Giovanni Vinci, who is challenged to a match by Ikemen Jiro.

Another video from theApollo Crews hype shows him breaking up a mugging late at night. I guess he''s like a crime-fighter right now or something.

Toxic Attraction slammed a wrist-scraping promo that was interrupted byCora Jade andRoxanne Perez, who are trying to tie gold around their waists, but who sparked the anger of Katana ChanceandKayden Carter.

Kiana James and Indi Hartwell have started a conflict.

Nikkita Lyons will be released from injury next week, according to our reports.

CrazyJoe Gacy joked about some idiot crap that nobody cares about.

We saw Thea Hail getting started at Chase University and meeting her new roommate.

And that''s what''s been done for this week''s show. Not too much fun happened and there was more absurd nonsense than what is acceptable. Hopefully, the messages about Triple Hreturning to Orlando and taking control again are true, cause yikes.

Friends, this is the next time.

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