Charizard Line, a Pokemon TCG Pokemon GO set, is in the works

Charizard Line, a Pokemon TCG Pokemon GO set, is in the works

This special set will include cards from and promo cards linked to the collaborative expansion. It will be based on special, brand names, including a Elite Trainer Box, Collection Boxes, a Premium Collection, and Tins. This set will include Pokemon associated with the game, including decorations that make it appear as if the Pokemon exists in the real world. Today, let''s look at the Charmander line.

The Radiant Charizard is one of the most significant hits of will, but there is also a whole line here showing off Charmander''s evolution. Artistsaino misaki illustrates Charmander''s first stage, and this is the holographic Charizard, which is very much focused on matching the feeling of playing with friends in the future. Despite this, I actually like this this a bit better than Radiant Charizard, although this is quite a challenge.

Bleeding Cool keeps an eye on card previews and promotional materials as well as updates on everything Pokemon TCG right here. Also, keep an eye on the actual Crossover Event that will take place during June 2022, when the Wimpod and TCG Hat Pikachu will be released.

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