In an anthology about image comics, Skottie Young exposes his choppy new mess

In an anthology about image comics, Skottie Young exposes his choppy new mess

Skottie Young''s Stupid Fresh Mess is a cartoon set in the latest Image Comics 30th Anniversary Anthology, the second issue of which was distributed last week. On his Substack newsletter, he explained where it came from;

I decided to run around a strip on my family and the funny things that gets said between a couple, kids and parents, pets, and even the wildlife that you see in your yard a few years ago. I dubbed it STUPID FRESH MESS. (yes, long before I started my company, gave it the same name.) Since i never really took that anywhere back then, this situation that I had myself in would be a perfect opportunity to bring it to life.

And as a result, that little kid with the paper path, distributing the comic strips in the newspapers every day is a cartoonist.

These are coming out every month in theIMAGE COMICS 30th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY and hopefully you all are enjoying home. I''ll keep them going online after the 12 issues have been published. This anthology is filled with a slew of well-known artists! Make sure you add this to your list for a taste of what a publisher like Image Comics has to offer.

The next issue will be released on the 29th of June, and you may listen to Skottie Young''s Stupid Fresh Mess Substack here.

IMAGE 30TH ANNV ANTHOLOGY #1 (OF 12) Geoff Johns, Declan Shalvey, Wyatt Kennedy, Mirka Andolfo, and Erika Fletcher feature in this year''s first edition: "Gospel for a New Century" and "Shift," according to KENNEDY and MICHAEL DANIELE IN NICUOLO. Plus! A year-long parade of all-new stories from some of the most famous

IMAGE COMICS MAR220230 (W) Geoff Johns, W. Maxwell Prince, Wyatt Kennedy, Chris Giarrusso, Wesley Craig, and JOHNE KENNEDY, with "Hopeless," and "Shift" by KIRKA ANDOLFO, and the continuation of SKOTTIE YOUNG''s all-new ongoing comic strip: $5.99 in shops

IMAGE COMICS APR220204 (W) Geoff Johns, John Arcudi, Wyatt Kennedy, Mirka Andolfo, Chris Giarrusso, Wes Craig, Patrick Kindlon, and Dean Haspiel (A) on Jun 29, 2022 SRP: $5.99

MARIA LLOVET''s three-part series "All the Things We Didn''t Do Last Night," "Makeshift Patriot," "Mench," "Mench," and "Stupid Fresh Mess" will be released on July 27, 2022. SRP: $5.99

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