Prenzy, dubbed Chuck Brown, will be released on Image Comics in September

Prenzy, dubbed Chuck Brown, will be released on Image Comics in September

According to a press release, Image Comics will run by Chuck Brown and Prenzy this September. Described as "Kill Bill" and "Nailbiter," the comic is about a vigilante who fights criminals with both violence and psychiatry, which just so happens to be one of the five essential comic book pitches every creator wants to release a series about one of the five things Image Publishes "gods living in the world of humans," "dragon men

From the press release:

Bitter Root, the writer of the Eisner Award winning series, has reunited with On the Stump artist Prenzy for the ultra-violent, high-octane new story in Flawed. This six-edition miniseries is expected to launch from Image Comics in September.

Gem Ezz, a psychiatric in Setham, Kalifornie, where corruption and brutality rule the streets, is followed by smiling and smiling others. By day, she takes a more directand sometimes deadly approbation. By night, Gem finds herself embroiled in a power struggle that threatens everything she''s ever known.

"The city of Setham has a number of different strange tales, and Gem Ezz''s story is only the beginning," says Brown.

On Wednesday, September 28, Flawed #1 will be available at comic book stores:

Cover A by Prenzy Diamond Code JUL220062 Flawed #1 (of 6) Cover B by Prenzy Diamond Code JUL220063

Flawed #1 will be available on many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Check out the discounts and a preview below in stores on September 28th.

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