In X-Men #12, The Redemption Of Jean Grey and The Phoenix

In X-Men #12, The Redemption Of Jean Grey and The Phoenix

The Phoenix Force acquired Jean Grey as one of the most powerful creatures in creation. In the process, she committed genocide, destroying the race known as the D''Bari and destroying their planet.

She died, a form of suicide. It was quite the thing. Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne have all recalled their stories.

Jean Grey was relegated to the series. It was revealed that she was never Phoenix, but her body had been preserved in a healing cocoon and the Phoenix Force masqueraded as her. Eventually Jean Grey died again. It''s like a habit.

More recently from Cullen Bunn, RB Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, and Rain Beredo, the young Jean Grey from the past met the Phoenix version of herself, both from the present, but somewhat less from the present.

There is much discussion and communication between them. And there is nothing to specifically state that the Phoenix is just Jean Grey, rather than Phoenix with an imprint, but there is no mention of cocoons. And Jean Grey, internally narrating does not even mention this to herself.

If this is a subtle retcon, then that continuity is returning to the pre-X-Factor state. However, it appears like we will get both, for the next AXE: X-Men #1.

Jean Grey''s complex relationship with thePhoenix Force is being investigated once and for all. It wasn''t her. It wasn''t her. She wasn''t her. Yet: "I am alive and well." Which part of "Now and Forever" is confusing to you: "I am fire and life incarnate," says Jean Grey.

Jean Grey saves billions in today''s X-Men #12. She might also assist with her commitment during the Hellfire Gala.

Jean Grey has been redeemed? Before all, #1 will come out of the fire in a Phoenix shape?

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