Tori Tadiar's Highsummer, Her Debut Graphic Novel, has been auctioned on Disney

Tori Tadiar's Highsummer, Her Debut Graphic Novel, has been auctioned on Disney

Tori Tadiar, a Filipina author-illustrator, published his debut middle-grade graphic novel, which had five publishers bidding on it, before Rachel Stark at Disney-Hyperion won the deal. Mika, who is 12-year-old in the series inspired by Philippine folklore and mythology, attempts to devastate the curse she accidentally cast on two classmates, but when she awakens ancient gods and a sun-devouring beast about plunging the world into darkness

Tori Tadiar, who has published her own TWO BOOKS on Instagram, claims to be an IT professional, while working on comics in her spare time. She has received the Komiket Best Komiks Award in 2017 for her SAGALA, which was named a self-published graphic novel, at the Festival of the Arts, and was recognized by the National Academy of Science for its latest products. Please send me an email, submitting your resume, and you will receive some feedback.

The first book will be released by 2024. Tori Tadiar''s agent Britt Siess at Britt Siess Creative Management completed the three-book transaction for worldwide English rights.

Hyperion Books was founded in 1990 from scratch and had no backlist under Disney''s then-C.E.O.Michael EisnerandRobert S. Miller. Hyperion''s intention was to avoid buying backlists, but to "capitalize on Disney''s talent and services." In June 2013, Hachette announced that it would acquire Hyperion from Disney. In June 2013, the books related to existing DisneyABC Television Group properties and young adult titles began the Disney-Hyperion im

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