Sonequa Martin-Green is on journey to Captain in Star Trek: Discovery

Sonequa Martin-Green is on journey to Captain in Star Trek: Discovery

Michael Burnham''s campaign to be captain in season four of is an understatement, allowing actress Sonequa Martin-Green to shine in so many ways. Marking Paramount+''s launch in the United Kingdom, she spoke with Total Film about her first season officially in the captain''s chair, Burnham''s growth, Tilly, and season five. "I was very pleased with how she developed and how she developed it. "I just wanted to be a sponge," Martin-Green said. "I am very thankful

Martin-Green has developed a variety of perspectives in her character. "It''s a little bit of both," she said. "It''s so much reinvention with our season-to-season and with every character, that''s one of the things I love most about our show, and you are all watching it in real-time." "I am, as Burnham, so completely different from myself at the beginning, but I''m also getting to change. "It''s exciting, challenging, and rewarding as

"It''s important to see Black women be irrelevable, and vulnerable, and learn to learn to be a captain," said Burnham. "It''s also important to be aware that there are no mistakes permitted in season four, which I emphasized. And how did I get there to do that before my first day of service? "It''s important to see that black women are aware of all of the potential, regardless of whether or not they are able to.

Mary Wiseman''s Tilly, who became a Starfleet instructor for season four, was one of the most popular people in history. "I loved that moment too, but they remind me," Martin-Green said. "Everyone knows what to say about Season five in the trilogy, and it''s amazing."

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