Part VI of Obi-Wan Kenobi Sticks Landing by Playing Safe and Smart: Review

Part VI of Obi-Wan Kenobi Sticks Landing by Playing Safe and Smart: Review

In the previous year, the publisher and a new publisher for Anakin Skywalker concluded the book and had plenty of loose ends to tie up in a otherwise rushed and busy prequel trilogy. Along with numerous projects from the Dave Filoni animated series in (2016) and (2018), we got our most ambitious project-to-date to close the gap further in the limited series for Disney+. This is your minor spoilers warning moving forward.

One major step that I anticipated Lucasfilm would not pursue that director George Lucas would provide an even greater depiction of Anakin''s/Obi-Wan relationship. Ben (Hayden Christensen) was supposed to be Anakin''s/Obi-Wan relationship until he was eight years old. Unfortunately, director Deborah Chow did not offer much to that, except a few training issues that pre-date (2002).

Yes, it''s a problem Chow''s poor performance, but I''d think more flashbacks would have benefitted this Disney+ series as far as Ben has in his previous years (who largely relied on them to its own displeasure) but later, Ben would have to confront Vader again, bringing Ben to the point of view. It''s also a lost opportunity to explain why Ben adopted the technique he would have in the film. Do not underestimate Christensen and James Earl Jones''

Alongside Ben and Leia''s (Grant Feely) aunt and uncle, Beru (Bonnie Piesse) and Lars (Joel Edgerton), the fight choreography was top-notch, and the sequence that involved Luke''s (Grant Feely) and Lars (Joel Edgerton). I''m pleased that the narrative was revised because they''re far more aware of their unfortunate fate in. I think this year, though, that the series will not be able to anticipate what season

Given the turn of events of "Part V," the implications of Inquisitor Reva (Moses Ingram) don''t seem to make a lot of sense other than for tension''s sake. I mean I would have at least given another inquisitor something to do with Reva''s arc, but it''s another lost opportunity. Aside from some minor plot difficulties, it never took its foot off the pedal as far as it wanted to focus on, but it might have done much more to make

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