Mike Pasciullo, the Marvel Senior Vice President, has died at the age of 50

Mike Pasciullo, the Marvel Senior Vice President, has died at the age of 50

Mike Pasciullo, the senior vice president of Marvel Television and Entertainment, Marketing and Publicity, died in the news. The comic book industry, both in and out of Marvel, has been recalled. Here are a few examples

Mike Pasciullo, our dear friend and colleague of Marvel Comics, has died. Mike has been tirelessly to foresee the Marvel spirit for 25 years. His legacy will last forever within the Marvel family and beyond.

Mike Buckley, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment, was truly a lifelong Marvelite. He knew that each convention might be their only one, and he personally prepared the audience to keep them happy. Mike was a personal asset to us and so many others, and I will cherish him every day.

C.B. Cebulski, the Marvel EIC: When you meet someone and immediately realize you''ll be friends for life, which is what happened when Mike Pasciullo was born. While Mike always preferred to work more behind-the-scenes, Marvel would not be what it is today without him. Mike will always live on in our hearts, wearing his Penn State hat, arguing for the Eagles, and hoping to convince us that Poison was the greatest band of all time.

Joe Quesada, an former EIC and CCO of Marvel Comics, said that today was a really tough day for all of us who knew and loved Mike Pasciullo. If you like Marvel, you may see him throughout the day and learn how to perform the chores with his own hands. Mike was a great person in size and personality, and he inspired and enhanced every piece of his life. A huge blessing to everyone involved in Marvel, and he created it so that she never touched anything except "P


During the lockdown, Pooch would send out videos to his nearest and dearest to help us maintain our health. Little did we know what he was going through himself. Ladies and gents, I give you Mike Pasciullo, uncut! Now you know why he was a huge fan.

Mike was a fan of Marvel Comics, and when he asked for him to wear him, he said, "Oh my goodness, you could fix him?" I said to Mike, who was a huge fan of Marvel Comics, and said, "Italian last name, and I''m sorry about it!"

Mike Pasciullo, a former Marvel editor and head writer, was surprised by his appearance on a panel for the film. "Well, Douglas." He said, "But he was always pleased with his character''s ability to be successful. He was also a good guy and a strong personality. He was also kind of a guy who enjoyed seeing people in movies, but it was great to see him play the game.

Mike Pasciullo, the EIC of ComciBook, and the former Marvel marketingman, was one of the best. So much of the good fun marketing that came from the House of Ideas started as an idea he had. It''s one of the greatest moments of my career that you get the opportunity to work with him.

Katie Kubert: I''m beyond thrilled. Mike was one of Marvel''s finest and warmest people I met while I was there. Easiest to laugh and joke, justa good heart. He''s gone.

Mike D''Alessio, the president of ReedPOP, and other owners of NYCC, ECCC, C2E2, MCM, and more: I''m sharing his post with you as I look back on my previous experiences of building in my career and Mike Pasciullo was in charge of some of them New York Comic Con and C2E2 would not exist without him. More so, the fun had and those events and dinners at the NYC Marvel offices in the old days would not be anywhere near the same

When one of the good ones departs unexpectedly, the world appears a little less fair and just. Earlier today, I discovered Mike Pasciullo was very generous, generous, polite, and helpful, and he was amazing. I''m grateful to him and his family, who was so supportive of him, and I hope to see him again next month. Thank you for your patience and respect.

I''m going to miss him for the first time since I met Mike Pasciullo 25 years ago. He vouched for the Eagles, the Phillies, and all of his sports. He was always kind of in love with him. I''m not going to miss him because he was kind of awesome in my life. He was always loyal to him, and he was always willing to stand up for his actions as he was. I''m going to miss him again for the first time since I saw him

"I''ll never forget the joy on your face when you saw your Philadelphia hero, Sylvester Stallone, on the red carpet." You were always capable of learning to be creative and responsible, but you also provided a kind of patience for me to follow the instructions and execute them. I will always remember your passing as a person, especially when I hear them. Thank you for your dedication to improve the Marvel brand for decades, and for giving me great satisfaction. Thank you, Michael Pasciullo

"I just heard the most shocking news I could hear." Mike Michael Pasciullo, president and publisher of Dynamite Entertainment, passed away. I love all my friends for years, but Mike was the youngest, the nicest, and truly the best of us. This is the last time I saw him at NYCC 2019. Feels like an eternity ago. I''m very glad to hear him. God blessed us all with you in our lives, and the world is now a sadder place without you in it."

Here''s a few things Mike Pasciullo himself has shared, which some people have even shared over the years.

On the eve of Avengers: Pregame, here''s how we started the promotion for the first Iron Man movie in the following year. Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau signed on the Marvel booth during the signing, but it was impossible to imagine the outcome. It was a downturn, but it was a complex process. It''s been a long process. What it took.

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