Popplio Line: The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder Part 10

Popplio Line: The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder Part 10

Bleeding Cool''s retrospective journey through the era of the continues. It''s now time to look into the next set from this era:. This set was largely Zeraora and Lugia, but it included cards featuring Mimikyu, Suicune, and others. Today, we continue our journey with the Popplio line.

  • Popplio: We get two Popplio cards inwith the first being a cuteHitoshi Ariga piece that shows this seal-like Water-type Starter bouncing a bubble on its nose. It''''s a cute illustration that makes me feel bad that Popplio is so overlooked among Starters, but it is what it is! The next looks so much like a classic Ken Sugmiori that makes me think back to the old school days of the. Just like the sets of old, this like Sugmiori stock art over a new background, but it''''s actually drawn by artistYusuke Ohmura.
  • Brionne: By far my favorite card of the line isAtsuko Nishida''''s Brionne, who looks dreamlike in this softly colored illustration which almost seems to sparkle despite it not being holographic. This is due to the beautifully delicate use of lighting on the water.
  • Primarina: ArtistShin Nagasawa delivers a solid card with coloring that works well with the holo pattern, but Primaria itself ends up looking a touch too evil in this card.

Stay tuned for the next trip through To look back on this retrospective series, click the Lost Thunder tag below for more. This journey will continue next time with the main section of this set.

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