In what case, Yehudi Mercado apologizes for the "Miles Thor-ales" portrayal

In what case, Yehudi Mercado apologizes for the "Miles Thor-ales" portrayal

Yehudi Mercado, a comic book author, set the internet abuzz with the release of Marvel Comics last week. And it''s not in a good way.

Miles Morales, who is still a Brooklyn convict, but also the God Of Thunder, has brought Asgard to him and his area. In this trailer, Miles Morales'' own family, gis mother, and father are Odin and Frigga, but his uncle Aaron is Loki.

Many observers felt this dreadful, clumsy tale. Michael Wilson of Lake Forest Park, Washington, wrote, "I love how I''m not Mexican enough for Twitter," along with a photo of the writer, though not Yehudi Mecardo. "I''m sorry to see that some people came across the picture, so please keep an eye on it." With shots of Jewish American writer Brian Bendis, the dude who wrote the Thor miles comic wrote, adding, "I should have added more upskir

Miles Morales Thor (Miles Thorales?) was dismissed as ill-suited, but others rejected him from the Marvel writers on Luke Cage in the 1970s. According to Liam McGuire, the original author of ScreenRant''s "The Surprise New Thor Has Marvel''s Worst Catchphrase," she said. While comic book creator Kevin Grevioux was on Facebook;

What happened to Beta Ray Bill, an ALIEN, while he sneered down the Bifrost? I''m surprised that he is not palming a BASKETBALL with his other hand, and wearing a 360 from the top of the key "thunder-dunk" that day. So, now, I''m not certain that all Black characters on the MAIN Iron Man, Blade, Black Lightning, Cyborg, Falcon, Luke Cage, Storm, and Mr. Teriffic

Yehudi Mercado has issued a statement in a Twitlonger.

"I''ve taken the last few days to come back and listen," says the author of my recent issue of What If Miles Morales was Thor. While I''ve had a different experience on the battlefield, I still know that inauthenticity is causing issues on the front, and I''m sorry this failed on this front. I''ve been grateful to hear and learn from my Black and Puerto Rican comics peers, and hope to use this moment to build greater confidence. I''ll also donate what Marvel paid me to

It is worth to be aware that Marvel Comics actually edited and published the comic in question. I wonder what happens when Miles Thorales appears in the fifth issue of the series, combined with the other Miles Morales versions from down the probability axis. Marvel Comics has just done a quick check on that one.

WHAT IF MILES MORALES #5 (OF 5) MARVEL COMICS MAY220960 (W) Cody Ziglar (A/CA) Paco Medina HOW MANY MILES DOES IT TAKE TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE?! What if the many Miles of the multiverse assembled to overcome a threat against all realities? The Prowler has enacted the final phase of his evil plan alongside LOKI, SABRETOOTH, and CLASS

WHAT IF MILES MORALES #4 (OF 5) MARVEL COMICS APR220941 (W) Yehudi Mercado (A) Zagaria, Luigi (CA) Paco Medina WHOSOEVER HOLDS THIS HAMMER if they be worthy, shall possess the power ofTHOR. And what if Miles Morales of another universe was THOR, THE GOD OFTHUNDER?! RATED T In Shops: Jun 15, 20

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