Brother Lono 8 Issues Are Missed in 100 Bullets Omnibus Vol 2

Brother Lono 8 Issues Are Missed in 100 Bullets Omnibus Vol 2

This is Brian Azzarello''s and Eduardo Risso''s solicitation copy. It allegedly included the second half of the campaign, as well as the revival series.

In this incredible omnibus volume, theeisner award-winning and bestselling crime graphic novel 100 Bullets continues! What a danger you might gain if your life was destroyed, and you knew that the perpetrators would never be killed, then how far would you go to revenge? There is also a deeper and more troubling question that everyone who picks up the briefcase must ask themselves: Who is making all of this possible?

Both Omnibuses expected to have both the full story from start to finish, but the second Omnibus has only 42 issues, as it isn''t seeing the Brother Lono series immediately, without warning or permission. Also, it''s out of print.

Lono was shot through the chest by Dizzy Cordova of 100 BULLETS, but his father always died. This year, the Eisner award-winning team behind 100 BULLETSwriter Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Rissoe reunites to tell the story of the baddest Minuteman of all time. The entire eight-issue series, called "Filled Upon," will be released.

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