X-Men '97: Disney+ CC Confirms Music Preview in Doctor Strange 2?

X-Men '97: Disney+ CC Confirms Music Preview in Doctor Strange 2?

The last time we checked in on the progress of the Disney+ & Marvel Studios animated series revival, people were paying the attention of Beau DeMayo, the director of the series. This time around, we''re looking at (or more appropriately,) our first what might be our first musical preview of the project. And, as you can see from the screencap below (minus the Coop artwork reflection- my bad) that depicts Patrick Stewart''s Profession X (Charles Xavier) entering the scene in, the

Slater, who is doing ''X-Men ''97,'' was given the opportunity to learn about some of the script''s limitations. But let''s face it, since he was just telling me how excited you should be for the show.

Fans will be able to sit down and say,''''Oh, I''m looking into the plot threads from the original anime series, and it''s gonna lead into So, when I''m starting at that point and then telling them how much they''d like to go off there,'' according to the two. ''I''ll be amazed how many episodes the season will be,'' according to the pair, adding: ''Oh, I''m going to try and get them to see it once more.''

Cal Dodd, the producer and executive producer of DeMayo, is expected to star as Logan/Wolverine,Lenore Zann, Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Chris Potter, Janice Lee, and Alison Sealy-Smith, both of whom have been announced as Jubilation Lee and Jubilee. And big thanks to Smart Adopter for confirming that they were seeing the same thing on their end.

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