Wood on "Completely Different Character" Christina in Westworld S04

Wood on "Completely Different Character" Christina in Westworld S04

We have met with returning series star James Marsden for a look at the seasons'' returns, but Evan Rachel Wood is showing off some things about the show''s return, as did the fourth season, and what character she''ll play (so far, the official opinion is that the two are not the same, although the return of Marsden is certainly a source of some questions). Here''s a look at some of the cast''s sitdown with EW:

"She''s [Christina] much more human this season, so it was fun for me. I think most people come on stage and are thinking, "Oh I wish I was a host," and I think the pleasure for me was actually getting to be vulnerable and somewhat human in season 4.

"Every season I felt like [Christina] is a little more of a nerd, though. She''s a loner nerdy writer who is just trying to make it in the big city."

In the trailer for HBO, there are a lot of conspiracy theory metaphors this season, including whether or not something is on the surface, or is it more crazy to just accept things at face value and never question anything? I think this is where Christina finds herself this season, but before starting the season, prepare to question the reality''s true nature:

Here''s a look back at the highlights from the ATX television festival panel:

Wood on Christina, a ruthless woman living in a big city just trying to make it as a writer. Nothing ever happens to her, according to Noland. "There''s a girl named Christina and she''s fantastic, she''s just trying to do it in the big cities," Wood added. "It''s relatively thin pickings out there," adding Wood, adding, "We''re in New York, Christina is a lot like Evan Dolores. Maybe not as maniacal

"It''s all a rabbit hole inside a rabbit hole, and Bernard is going Alice again" "A lot of unknowns. A lot of dust and a lot of mysterythat''s pretty much my life."

When the series returns, it will be seven years later and Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) is on "a warrior''s journey." After being freed by Delores, Maeve and Caleb have continued their lives. But can they find their place in a world that''s still so erratic?

"To be honest we were so sorry they let us," Joy said of being able to film at the Hoover Dam before Hemsworth laughed, "And blow it up as well."

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"I''m so glad to be here and tell you nothing about Season 4,," Marsden said. "Sometimes you have to go away to see this show, and you learn to speak cryptically," he said before admitting, "I''m very happy with the outcome."

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