Greg Bjorkman, the director of Press Play, talks about how music interactions with Time Travel differ

Greg Bjorkman, the director of Press Play, talks about how music interactions with Time Travel diffe

Throughout his career, Greg Bjorkman was approached to make his feature debut to lead the sci-fi romance thriller. The film focuses on a young woman, Laura (Clara Rugaard), who falls in love with Harrison (Lewis Pullman), and shares a deep appreciation of music. After a tragic accident, Laura finds a chance to save Harrison, revealing that a mixtape might be used in time. Bjorkman spoke to Bleeding Cool about his career experience.

Greg Bjorkman: I think that being able to live moments twice is a pipe dream. I think it is possible that when people think about it, it''s possible. So giving the audience a chance to experience an experience that another character has been through, it makes it a fun experience. It''s also an advantage for me for a movie.

BC: When you first met James [Bachelor], how did it work out creatively? Bjorkman: He was first given the idea for a few of his films, and his first film was the one I ever met. He said, "If you can fix it, you can go make it." A friend said, "Hey, do you know anybody who loves time travel movies?"

We ate briefly and talked about the project a bit before we started writing it the next weekend, and he is an excellent first writer, and myself, as a result of his first writing skills. So there was a good relationship, having an opportunity to collaborate and to keep things moving. The conversations that sparked our friendship from 2016 to 2019.

BC: What makes Clara and Lewis fantastic for their roles? How did the rest of the cast come together? Bjorkman: So casting is an interesting thing. It''s important to go with someone who will provide you the performance and value of the film. When I met Clara on Netflix, I was like, "Oh my gosh, she is so talented." The world just hasn''t seen it yet. She was meant for this role. There were a thousand sparks that were triggering. I think it''

Lewis was chatting for three hours in a coffeeroom; he was taking notes; it was so fun. It''s important to get to know somebody who plays it. I think a lot of people around us are involved in roles, including people who are well-known as Lyrica [Okano], Luke [Lenza, Danny [Glover, and Christina Chang.

BC: What was the basis for examining the time travel concepts in the film? Bjorkman: ''Back to the Future'' is a big success for the time travel logic. I think that when you know, your audience has most likely also seen ''Back to the Future.'' There''s no reason to experiment with this alternative time travel logic. These people have a valid base, therefore you have to proceed back to basics. ''About Time,'' we found some interesting stories in time travel, but found some variations

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