Fans of Supernatural are offering the Boys Fans a Herogasm Warning; Kripke accepts the responsibility

Fans of Supernatural are offering the Boys Fans a Herogasm Warning; Kripke accepts the responsibilit

With only hours to go until Amazon''s S03E06 "Herogasm" starts covering our streaming screens with various bodily fluids (we''ll leave the rest to your imagination) fans of the series are receiving a very significant warning from a fandom that understands the way showrunner Eric Kripke''s mind. In a brief but dark tease, Kripke said, "Yup. More than one thing."

Here''s a look at the original Twitter post from SuperWiki, followed by Kripke''s ominous tweet:

The #SPNFamily has been fully familiar with @therealKripke enough to know that along with the humbling outrageous pornapalozza of #Herogasm tonight''s #theboys, it will likely have a lot of emotional disobey. #kripkeyoubastard

SuperWiki (@SuperWiki) June 23, 2022

Yup. More than one thing

Eric Kripke (@therealKripke) on June 23, 2022

WARNING: This Episode Depicts a Massive Supe Orgy, Airborne Penetration, Dildo-Based Maiming, Extra Strength Lube, Icicle Phalluses, and Cursing. It Isn''t Suitable for Any Audience

Okay, right now that we have received an official warning from the show about what''s going to happen, here''s your look at Amazon''s S03E06 "Herogasm" (or, at least, what they might show):

This is the only footage legally permitted to show ya before the game. #Herogasm

THE BOYS (@TheBoysTV) January 21, 2022

Kripke and Jack Quaid (Hughie) discussed how close the episode was to the comics, how intense the filming was on everyone on the set, and the one "Herogasm" moment that couldn''t be cut.

"I love that scene and it''s hilarious, but for a dozen reasons, all of which will be revealed when you see the season, it ultimately didn''t track," Kripke said. "I''d like to see Soldier Boy and Homelander f***ing, but it can''t happen in this show, unfortunately, for reasons everyone understands."

"You Wouldn''t Necessarily Expect It to Go," Quaid says of "Herogasm" True to Comics, Goes Places "You Wouldn''t Necessarily Expect It to Go": "I read all of the comic books when I was cast as Hughie, and "Herogasm" was one of those issues where I was like, "Okay, we have to do this or some version of this because this is the craziest thing I''ve

"How anyone ever experienced this kind of extreme nudity for that many days on a hot, sticky film set," Kripke said, "I''m not sure how much I am grateful for," said the filmmaker. ''Day 1, it''s really novel and you''re surrounded by all of these incredible naked people. By day 2, they''re all naked mole rats and you just want to get outside.'' I was like, "That makes sense."

Vernon Sanders, the Head of Global Television at Amazon Studios, discussed how things are looking with the universe expanding in an interview:

Is there a two-fold opportunity with ''Diabolical,'' one was to get ''The Boys'' fans excited about it and get it out early, but we also wanted to see if there was another bite of the apple once the mothership show returned, and we''re seeing real engagement and growth of the show here. "We''ve certainly had discussions with the producers about the next installment."

"What''s new in the world?" says the narrator. "We are thrilled, the dailies look fantastic, and we are excited about the cast." "It absolutely has ''The Boys,'' it''s part of the show, but I think it''s different in its own way. It''s certainly been a long journey. I have to admit, when Eric Kripke came to us to discuss the spinoff, he told him he wanted it two years earlier than he thought.

More Spinoffs? "There''s something beyond what we have. We want to speed ourselves. This season, however, we have truly blown us away, and I wouldn''t be surprised if you heard of it yet. For the time being, we are focused on this next show and making sure that it respects everything it needs to be, and so far, we''re on track."

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