G4 Is Coming Back to The Channel Already

G4 Is Coming Back to The Channel Already

G4 is expanding its catalog of shows that will be relaunched next week, allowing users to take two groups of people and put them against each other in various video games. The first episode of the show will be hosted by WWE''s Xavier Woods (AKA Austin Creed) and G4''s Gina Darling, with many of the people who remember it as a kid.

While the news is astounding, it''s a bit depressing that it''s only going to be once a month and not at least a weekly program. Hopefully that changes down the road if WWE stars are vs. AEW stars, (because the WWE corporate tends to not play nice with others.) So we''ll have to hope for Creed vs. Kenny Omega another day. Here are a few quotes from the returning show.

"WWE is well-known for providing exceptional entertainment to its loyal fan base," said G4 president Russell Arons. "We''re moving forward with a weekly series on TV, YouTube, and Twitch that will see their rivalries resolved once and for all."

"All of our effort on UpUpDown in the past seven years has brought us to this moment in which we will see the wrestling and gaming world collide," said Xavier Woods, the host of "I''m psyched to partner with G4 and look forward to surprise our UpUpDown fans with some new faces each month."

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